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Today, we’re rolling out a new Ning Extension: Ustream. Ustream lets you record and broadcast video with just about any camera — including one you may already have built-in to your computer. The Ustream integration with Ning is designed to be easy to use so you can be up and running within minutes and play streaming video directly to visitors and members on your Ning social site. This is an excellent tool for Ning Creators who want to harness the power of video, and it’s now available for all Ning Plus and Pro subscribers.

To get started, simply navigate to the Ning Extensions section of your Dashboard and click “Activate” next to the Ustream listing. Yes, it’s that simple to turn it on. If you don’t already have a Ustream account, you’ll need to create one, but the process is very easy. Once it’s activated, Ustream will live as a pull-out tab on the side of your Ning social site. When your Ustream channel is live, you’ll see a green indicator dot. When it’s dormant, you’ll see a red indicator dot. Your members can click on the tab at any time to watch live or recorded video from your channel in a pop-up window that is easily dismissible. You can even have live chats during videos in the Ustream Extension window, making this an excellent way to get your members engaged in a unique, live event no matter where everyone is located around the world.

Ustream and Ning - Bringing the Power of Streaming Video to Your Community 1

Ustream and Ning - Bringing the Power of Streaming Video to Your Community 2

Whether you want to use video to run a workshop, talk through a tutorial, or broadcast a live party, you’ll find the Ustream Ning Extension easy to set up and use. If you’re a music artist, what better way to do a live pre-show warm up to get fans around the world pumped for your upcoming concert? If you teach a class remotely (or want to), this could be just about the best thing that could happen to you. Maybe you just want to run a live Q&A session to get closer with your community members. The possibilities are ripe for experimentation. Best of all, it’s free for Ning Plus and Pro.

So how will you use it? Feel free to share your ideas below.