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Earlier this month, we announced the ability to customize the URL of a Page on your Ning Network. Later today, we’re bringing that same functionality to other types of content, like photos and discussions.

As before, URLs will be automatically based on the title you give to the content you’ve added. But now, Network Creators and administrators will be able to customize the URL to display the text of their choice.

In addition to Pages and Groups, which already have the ability to define custom URLs, Network Creators and administrators can now customize the URLs for all types of content members can add, specifically:

  • Discussions
  • Group discussions
  • Events
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blog posts

This change should allow Network Creators and administrators to improve their search engine optimization by tailoring URLs after specific keywords or sets of keywords.

Custom URLs will also mean a better user experience for your members. Previously, every time a title was changed on a piece of content, the URL changed with it, meaning that old links no longer worked. Now, after content has been added and the URL has been set for the first time, URLs will no longer change automatically when the title is changed or tweaked. The old URL will be preserved unless it is changed manually.

After collecting feedback from Network Creators, we decided that access to this functionality should be limited to Network Creators and administrators, to avoid any misuse by members.

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4 thoughts on “Set custom URLs for your content

  1. Phil Sim

    I second Chris and can the Permanlinks PLEASE have a unique numerical value so we can finally start getting our content into Google News. I don’t know how many times are asked for this and it really seems a trivial idea, especially now that people have the power to edit the URL.

    It so annoys me that Ning has thrown so much programming resources into tying into Twitter and Facebook which none of my users ever use, when the single biggest traffic source for getting unique visitors for a lot of sites if going to be Google News and all you need is this one little permalink feature.

    C’mon guys, it can’t be that hard.

  2. Geektronica

    Chris, that’s not what permalinks are. A permalink is simply a direct link to a specific page (as opposed to a category archive or the main page). What you’re asking is for people to not be able to change URLs.

    I suppose another option would be to use query-based URLs, like you can in wordpress:
    can both point to the same content.

    I’m pleased to hear that this feature was added. Any update on paid networks/groups?

  3. chris

    This is great!

    Could we please put permalinks in notifications of new content? E.g. someone starts a discussion called “big fish little cish” the url will be “network com/ bigfishlittlecish” and that will be what is in the “new discussion posted” emails. If the NC changes the URL to “/plentyOfFish”, or corrects the discussion title to “big fish little fish” then the links in the alert emails will be broken. Links in emails should all be permalinks or it’s just plain embarrasing!



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