Jason Rand
Jason Rand
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Sharing content like photos, videos, blog posts, reviews and physical location has become mainstream for the vast majority of people on the web—it’s now instinctual. And while it’s easy to post, at times this content can lack relevancy or context, and only scratches the surface, not really diving into the nitty-gritty details.

Adding to this, for people not on the social sharing up-and-up, all of this chatter can be a bit intimidating or just not for them. In short, there’s more to the web than funny cat videos and planking photos (though those are awesome too). At the same time, companies of all sizes are clamoring to establish themselves online, finding out how to support their brand loyalists in ways uncharted a mere decade ago.

Kreg Jig Owners CommunityWe’ve been following the Kreg Jig Owners Community, a Ning Network for owners of Kreg woodworking tools. Boasting 30,000+ members, customers come to the community to share their excitement for woodworking and the amazing things they’re creating with their Kreg tools. The community doubles as a repository for project ideas, plus tips and tricks for inspiring and jumpstarting the creativity for Kreg customers. We recently spoke with Kreg Jig Ning Creator, Derek Balsley. For Balsley, the key to getting people on the community has been the integration of the Kreg Jig Owners Community into their offline advertising and marketing programs:

“When somebody purchases a Kreg Jig, the first thing they see is ‘Join our community, get free project plans, check out all the projects everyone else who owns a Kreg Jig is building.’ It’s really tying together the traditional media with the web,” said Balsley.

The results: a business that has transitioned passive engagement through its store to an active and participatory community online and available worldwide. Balsley recently spoke at the 140 Character Conference, highlighting the ways their customers, now-community members, use Kreg Jig as the place to share quality and rich content, evangelizing the product through their woodworking successes.