The Future of Social Is Here…

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Today is a big day for the Ning team. We’ve just announced that we’ve signed an agreement to be acquired by Glam Media. I couldn’t be more excited about the future for Ning and the massive achievements our combined teams can reach together.

Glam is the leader in vertical media, bringing the world’s brands online through their premium advertising and publishing platforms. By combining Glam’s vision for brands with Ning’s leading position in creating custom social experiences, the two companies will change the way brands intersect with social. Glam + Ning will bring the context and relevancy that brands are looking for in the way they interact with audiences online.

For Ning Creators, this builds upon our goal of creating new ways to drive value and monetize the communities our customers build. We know that access to premium ad experiences has been something that many of our customers would like, and I am excited that many of them will be able to leverage Glam’s strength in this area. Some of our Ning Creators are already part of the Glam community of Publishers, and we believe many more will have the scale, content and context that would make them ideal Glam Publishers.

Leveraging Ning’s powerful platform, Glam will be able to accelerate its social vision – and create a unique approach for brands to deeply engage with passionate consumer audiences. Authentic conversation, influence and trust have been core elements to Ning communities, and we believe that our Creators represent the type of passionate influencers that are key to premium brands.

Upon closing the acquisition, Ning will become a new division of Glam Media that I will run, and Marc Andreessen (our chairman and co-founder) will join the Glam Board of Directors. For his perspective, check out Marc’s post here. Our vision to make social and mobile core to every web experience will be strengthened. Together, we have an opportunity like no other, and I am fired up for what we’ll deliver to our customers, partners and the world.

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10 thoughts on “The Future of Social Is Here…

  1. Topher

    Fantastic news – it’s been great to see Ning’s progress and this new milestone. Kudos!

    I’m sure too early to tell, but I’ll be wondering if Pearson-sponsored education sites will survive the acquisition. Small beans I know, but I do hope the benefit of Ning to educators is recognized on the road map.

  2. Luis de Rock Perú

    Congratulations. I just was going to try Ning because I have several friends using it and they are happy and succesful with Ning. Better now, two experimented teams working as one. ¿When can we see changes? I’ll be expectant. Greetings from Lima, Peru…

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