Ning in education: Social media today

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Ning was recently mentioned in Dan Klamm’s Mashable article, 6 Best Practices for Universities Embracing Social Media, as a tool for colleges and universities looking to build communities and embrace social media in a content-rich world.

As highlighted in our June 2011 Ning POV, education is our largest social category of communities on the Ning Platform. And it’s been very humbling to see the amazing ways educational institutions and teachers are actually using Ning to further education and learning for students, worldwide.

Here are just a few communities we wanted to highlight:

We’d love to hear from more educators using Ning! We invite you to share how you’re using Ning in the classroom or educational institute to enrich your students’ lives, or you can comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Ning in education: Social media today

  1. Abraão Antunes

    ‘The RBBC: a space for sharing information and building new knowledge’, a brazilian social network structured on Ning.

    Thank you!


    1. Jason Rand Post author

      Hi Abraham,

      This report is great. Wonderful to see how a library is using Ning. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Christian Schools

    Ning is one of the most use social networking site along side with facebook and twitter but in different way where you can present the thoughts and ideas very well..


  3. M Tariq Malik

    Thanks a lot ning with the help of ning we doing great job for our university that is virtual University of Pakistan, where all the students get together to discuss study related matter…
    Our ning community name is virtual University of Pakistan .. Network of Virtual of University of Pakistan.

    again thanks a lot ning for giving such a nice platform 🙂

  4. Laura Gibbs

    Nings have been a vital element to my own use of professional social networking (thanks as always to Steve Hargadon for having gotten me started!), and I have been using a Ning for my online classes for several years now. I cannot imagine trying to teach online without it – Ning puts our course management system’s so-called blogging tool to shame. It’s exciting to see here the bigger ways in which these other schools are using Ning.
    Thank you, Ning!
    Laura Gibbs,
    University of Oklahoma

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