Jason Rand
Jason Rand
Ning in education: Social media today
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Ning was recently mentioned in Dan Klamm’s Mashable article, 6 Best Practices for Universities Embracing Social Media, as a tool for colleges and universities looking to build communities and embrace social media in a content-rich world.

As highlighted in our June 2011 Ning POV, education is our largest social category of communities on the Ning Platform. And it’s been very humbling to see the amazing ways educational institutions and teachers are actually using Ning to further education and learning for students, worldwide.

Here are just a few communities we wanted to highlight:

  • The University of California, Riverside – The Sloan Center for Internet Retailing uses Ning as the graduate school’s main site
  • Ringling College of Art and Design Teacher Institute builds a community of experts for the design school
  • Vanderbilt Web Community is a community of Vanderbilt web developers, designers, and online communicators
  • My BYU Ad Lab is a student-run, professionally mentored ad agency where BYU undergraduates learn agency disciplines through real-world project application
  • RIT Alumni Association Board of Directors is a central place for RIT’s leadership team
  • UB Communicators Network (University at Buffalo) provides a platform to connect and collaborate around topics of interest, and where academic minds can learn a thing or two about social media
  • The School of Visual Communication Design – Kent State University is the community complementing the University’s main website
  • JSU Marching Southerners brings together alumni of the Jacksonville State University marching band and excites fans
  • Occidental College Admitted Students – Welcome to Oxy! is a community for high school seniors accepted to Occidental College
  • Champlain College – Class of 2014 gives accepted students an opportunity to meet and get to know other accepted students at the school
  • Northland College provides a look at the college’s student life

We’d love to hear from more educators using Ning! We invite you to share how you’re using Ning in the classroom or educational institute to enrich your students’ lives, or you can comment below.

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