Kyle Ford
Kyle Ford
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Meet the All-New Mogwee!

We’re excited to announce a series of feature updates and improvements to Mogwee, Ning’s free mobile communication and collaboration service available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Web. Mogwee is a fun way to easily create “Hangouts” and stay connected with friends, family, co-workers, study groups and more, no matter where you are.

Join in seconds, easily invite friends, express yourself with a custom theme, then start enjoying our features. Some highlights:

Joining and Inviting

  • Join Mogwee effortlessly using your Facebook account
  • Easily invite lots of friends at once using Facebook, SMS or email


  • Enjoy an improved interface, including the ability to choose custom themes
  • Follow conversations more easily with threaded replies (just tap on a message to reply directly)
  • On an iPad? Enjoy an updated iPad-specific interface


  • Share real-time photos from events
  • Share your location (or any location) with a Hangout (iOS and Android)
  • Get Hangout feedback on any topic with easy-to-create polls
  • Browse and search YouTube directly within Mogwee to share videos with the Hangout (iOS and Android)
  • Send fun animated gifts and actions, including sharks, crickets and Kung Fu squirrels
  • Find out the answer to an all-important question: who is the Hangout’s Sheep Tennis champion?

Get started by downloading Mogwee for iOS or Mogwee for Android. Don’t have one of those devices, or want to use Mogwee on your computer? Hit up Mogwee for Web.

Enjoy, and please feel free to visit the Mogwee Blog for more information, or find us on Twitter and Facebook.