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Christina Lee
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Hard to believe, isn’t it? Just as quickly as 2011 kicked off, it’s come to a close. With the new year here, new businesses, channels, events, tactics and trends will surely be looking to populate 2012’s online marketing landscape. But let us not forget the breakthrough blog posts packed with top-shelf takeaways, classic case studies, and meaningful advice that helped make surfing the net in 2011 totally worthwhile.

This link library features 37 memorable online marketing blog posts that graced the web over the past twelve months, presented in chronological order. From search to social, analytics to organic community management, they span the spectrum of business on the Interwebz and offer value in abundance. Fabulous New Year reading as things rev up in 2012!

  1. January 8The Big List: 168 Marketing Trends, Predictions & Resolutions For 2011 | Matt McGee, (Did they come true?)
  2. January 25How To Build Agile SEO Tools Using Google Spreadsheets | Tom Critchlow,
  3. January 27How to Successfully Implement Facebook’s Open Graph to Generate Insights and Start Contacting Fans | Hamish Ogilvy,
  4. February 3How a Search Engine Might Identify the Functions of Blocks in Web Pages to Improve Search Results | Bill Slawski,
  5. February 9The Noob Guide to Online Marketing | Oli Gardner,
  6. February 15A Tweet’s Effect On Rankings – An Unexpected Case Study | Jen Lopez,
  7. February 16The Red Cross’ Rogue Tweet: #gettngslizzerd On Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch | Dean Praetorius,
  8. March 9Chrysler’s Twitter Account Accidentally Drops the F-Bomb | Sarah Kessler,
  9. March 30Manage Like You’re Dying: A Humbled Entrepreneur’s Reflections | Marty Weintraub,
  10. April 8The Community Manager’s Guide to Intra-Community Bloodshed | Lauren Litwinka,
  11. April 10White Hat SEO: It F@$#ing Works | Rand Fishkin,
  12. May 3Facebook Funerals: When You Close a Brand, What About Fans? | Bernhard Warner, Ad Age
  13. May 10One Social Media Tactic Your Business Must Embrace | Marty Weintraub,
  14. June 92011 Search Ranking Factors Survey Results | Rand Fishkin,
  15. June 14How Social Marketers Can Survive the Boss’ Paranoid Micromanagement | Marty Weintraub,
  16. July 20A B2B Community Manager’s Guide To Identifying True Twitter Friends, Part I & Part II | Lauren Litwinka,
  17. August 1Proving PR & SEO Seriously Lift Advertising ROI | Marty Weintraub,
  18. August 18Who Does Facebook Think You are Searching For? | Jeremy Keeshin,
  19. September 1Yes, You Really Can Build Links With Twitter | Casey Henry,
  20. September 164 Point Twitter Audit: Becoming A More Beloved B2B Brand | Lauren Litwinka,
  21. September 29How to Communicate in Twitterbites For Re/Tweet-Friendly Blog Posts | Pamela Vaughn, Search Engine Guide
  22. September 29SEO KPI-K.I.S.S. Chart: 646 Classic & Emergent Metrics | Marty Weintraub,
  23. October 1212 Reasons Your Business Blog Is Failing |
  24. October 13How to Use 3 New Facebook Features for Better Social Media Marketing | Andrea Vahl,
  25. October 193 Stats to Think About When Crafting Your Social Media Campaign | Lisa Barone,
  26. October 196 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results | Phil Mershon,
  27. October 197 Quick Ways to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Social Media Marketing Workhorse | Lewis Howes,
  28. November 2Advanced Google Analytics Tips and Tricks | Fabian Alvares,
  29. November 22Making PPC & Social Media Work Together Seamlessly | Jordan Kasteler,
  30. November 28Mining Deep “Site:” Operator Search To Uncover Multilingual Social Threads | Marty Weintraub,
  31. November 30Freshness Update + Social Media = Happy Users | Aaron Friedman,
  32. November 30#WTF Factor: #SEO Analytics Survival In The Age Of Vanishing Keywords | Marty Weintraub,
  33. December 2Leveraging Social Media to Build a Network of Links | Harrison Lapari, Search Engine People
  34. December 621 Types of Social Content to Boost your SEO | Jordan Kasteler,
  35. December 19The Content Marketer’s Guide to Web Content | Amanda Milligan,
  36. December 202011 Social Media Sites That Will Be Missed… | Michael Streko,
  37. December 20 – Staffers Gone Wild – Protecting Your Business from Damaging Social Media Content | Shaine Alleman,