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More power to your community management experience with Ning 2.0 updates!

More power to your community management experience with Ning 2.0 updates!
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As 3.0 users have the possibility to use Groups and Events features free of charge, we decided that 2.0 users should enjoy this opportunity too!

Meeting Creator’s expectations is what Ning is all about – and 2.0 users are our most seasoned and long-time supporters. Many of you have been loyal to the company for more than a decade. We highly appreciate your contribution, and value our long-term partnership. That is why, striving to be responsive to your experience, we decided to waive Groups and Event fees for all 2.0 users.

To help you stay on top of success, the Ning team focused on creating new, more efficient solutions. The possibility to freely build your online relationships is the key to the effective community management. Therefore, we want to add on to your network creation toolset by releasing free Groups and Events features.

The Groups feature will allow you to meet people with your interests or in your region, to section them on a specific topic of interest, share your views, create more content and manage it. As a group creator, you can choose all the necessary features and privacy settings. You can moderate forum discussions, send messages, control who can create groups and events, and add content to a group. Gathering your fellow-thinkers has never been easier!

At the same time, the Events feature provides an opportunity to be closer to your users, letting you create and conduct various off-line events – seminars, thematic meetings, readings. This tool allows members to be aware of upcoming conferences, concerts, parties and other events related to your network theme. Want to meet with your community members for coffee? No problem–create an event and enjoy face-to-face communication! You can edit the information on your event, make your event private, organize in-person meetings, or invite anyone to join your event. Show off your event organizer skills–and just have a good off-line time with your online friends!

Our company does its best to facilitate your user experience, and expand your community management capabilities. Your ability to be in-line with the latest advances remains our ultimate concern.

The support team now functions 24/7. If you have any suggestions, or you need help, contact us via email or live chat.

Thank you for your staying with us!