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Smooth real-time communication is closer to you with our improved Chat!

Smooth real-time communication is closer to you with our improved Chat!
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As you know, we strive to take progressive steps towards improving your network communication experience. Since making your online communication smooth and convenient is our main goal, we pay special attention to creating solutions that are both more technically advanced, and intuitively easy-to-use. To provide you with the opportunity to manage and promote your social networks in the most efficient and user-friendly way, we worked hard to release a more advanced Chat feature on Ning 3.0 and 2.0 platform.

The new Chat feature will allow you to boost the activity on your network. This upgrade offers you the comprehensive control over the created network, letting you stay in touch with other network members in the most convenient way. Now you can use real-time and easy communication possibilities, freely participating in a live chatroom and private chats. In this updated Chat version, Ning developers provided you with the following technical solutions:

As of now, Network Creators are able to customize notifications, adapting the chat’s overall look to their preferences. Additionally, you have absolute freedom in creating and managing your groups. You can rename them, add photos, suspend members from Chat, and manage user lists. This upgrade also allows you to add message counters, delete separate messages, and clear message history. Now you are able to send files, and even temporarily ban a member from the chatroom. These features’ upgrade is available for both Ning 3.0 and 2.0 platforms.

We make every effort to provide you with an option to effectively cultivate your community. The new Chat feature embodies Ning’s desire to allow users to build great social communities with fundamental network relationships.

Check out our detailed guide for more details on the chat updates that we introduced in this release.