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Chronicles of my Horse

Chronicle of My Horse is a network created by one of the United States oldest equestrian magazines, The Chronicle of the Horse. Since 1937, The Chronicle of My Horse has been publishing comprehensive news and features about the equestrian world and with this new network they are moving into the 21st century and offering readers a new way to connect!

On the front page of the network, they use a text box to feature information from the weekly magazine, with links back to the magazine’s Web site for the full articles. At the same time they are able to feature content that’s been provided by members. They’ve moved the photo slideshow to the upper left corner of the page, providing a wonderful glimpse into the competitions, training regimens and lives of their members.

With the “Run Your Own Ads” premium feature, the magazine has also been able to get their regular advertisers involved. They use the same size ads as they do on the magazine site, allowing advertisers to supply one ad for either the magazine site or the network!

The more than 3,000 members actively blog and contribute photos and videos. This is a great example of a magazine that’s taking advantage of technology to engage readers in a new way!

Uniting women in leadership

Women’s Leadership Revival takes a quote from Kofi Annan as inspiration for the network, “The future of the world depends on women.” With this as a guiding principle, the network aims to support and empower women around the world, helping women achieve their goals and to affirm their roles as leaders.

On personal blogs, members share interesting books, movies or articles they’ve come across that explore women as leaders. There are also posts on the meaning of leadership and spreading peace through leadership.

There are also opportunities for members to meet one another and participate in events promoted on the network. This summer includes opportunities for a summer leadership workshop in Vancouver and sessions on constructive conversational techniques.

So take the lead! Go make your way over to the Women’s Leadership Revival.

Big buys on Sales Management 2.0

Sales Management 2.0 is a network “for sales professionals, by sales professionals.” What started as a blog written by Brad Trnavsky is a now a full-fledged social network, with the goal of bringing sales professionals together to share ideas and advice.

As Brad states, “Blogs were better than static web pages for communicating with people, but I was still longing for that feeling of community that is hard to get from a single blog. I finally feel I have created that community I was looking for here at Sales Management 2.0.”

Brad continues to blog regularly at Sales Management 2.0, and other members do as well — sharing thoughts on “how powerful are gatekeepers” and the “myth of long-term relationships.” Other members keep the conversation going by commenting on blog posts and participating in the forum. With the forum’s new category layout, it’s easy to find where to ask general questions, comment on leadership and more.

So if you’re a sales professional looking to connect with others in your field, check out Sales Management 2.0!

Returning to the Panther Trail

The Panther Trail brings together alumni of Therrell High School in Atlanta, Ga. With more than 400 members, it’s fast becoming home base for all things Panther!

Right on the main page, Network Creator Tiffney Bradley encourages members to do two important things: Invite their fellow Therrians and upload photos. It’s a great way to engage people immediately — and people have responded, uploading hundreds of images. In a slideshow on the main page, you just might spot your former chemistry lab partner all grown up and with a family of her own!

There are also many alumni events posted on the network, allowing people to re-connect in person as well. Members can learn about all the upcoming plans for the class of 1988’s 20-year reunion, from the benefit friday night fish fry to the main banquet event.

In the forum, members can relive their high school days and, if courageous enough, chime in on burning questions like “Who did you have the biggest crush on in high school?”

The Panther Trail is a great example of an alumni network in action!

Making a difference with VegHaven

VegHaven is a network for “vegans & vegetarians making a difference!” Network Creator Chris Tinney promises to help animals, promote a plant-based diet and uses ad revenue from the network to support animal causes.

Within the network, various groups have formed for everyone from raw foodists, who are interested in exchanging recipes and tips for living the raw food lifestyle, to vegetarian parents looking for common ground with other vegetarian families.

Are you a new vegetarian? You can join the discussion in the general forum for advice on food and nutrition. There are also threads on how to handle breaking the news to your meat-loving family and what to do if you fall for a meat eater!

Chris has also started a group for local activists to help raise money by placing donation boxes in their communities. It’s another great way to spread the word among friends and neighbors.

VegHaven is truly making a difference!

On-air talent is now online

Air Talent Social is a new network for media professionals and students who are “brave enough to take on the television news business” as one member puts it!

Members use the videos section to post samples of their work. Nicolle Sulcer, a recent graduate of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, is an anchor of the morning news program at KJCT and shared this promo of her work.

After several years behind the camera, Philips Wood is hoping to succeed in a career on the other side. His news reel demonstrates he’s well on his way of accomplishing this dream.

In the forums, members discuss issues of interest to broadcasters, like how to find an agent and advice on contracts. Members also use the comment wall on individual profiles to encourage one another and answer specific questions.

In just a few weeks, Air Talent Social is off to great start, bringing on-air talent together to network online!

Central Florida’s Doterati

“What type of dot are you?” Whether the answer is .com, .org or .mobi, there is something for you at Doterati, a network for Central Florida’s social media and technology enthusiasts.

Network Creator Ted Murphy uses this catchy profile question to get members into the network. He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded six companies since 1994. He lives in Apopka, Fla., about 30 miles northwest of Orlando, and created Doterati‘s social network to “advance the Central Florida interactive marketing, media and technology community by serving as an association for professional development, education [and] networking.”

Doterati is an organization of technology, media and marketing leaders in the Central Florida, and the Doterati network is their social-networking home. The group can already claim success in gaining acknowledgement for Orlando’s rising status as a hub for innovation. Just this month, Fast Company named Orlando as one of the world’s best cities for innovation — right up there with Doha, Qatar and Seattle.

With more than 150 members, he’s certainly succeeded! Members take part in groups for Orlando bloggers and search engine optimization professionals. In forum discussions, members share advice on everything from the best place to hold a business meeting to using agile development principles to save money.

So if you live in Central Florida and love technology, you too can become part of the Doterati!

Henry’s book club

Henry’s Book Club was started by the ASPCA Humane Education Department as a network to bring animal lovers together to talk about animal books! Each month, staff members in the Education Department pick an award-winning children’s book to feature. They post information about the author and encourage members to join the discussion.

For May, the book is Our Secret, Siri Aang by Cristina Kessler. It tells the story of a 12-year-old, living in a Maasai village in Africa, who befriends a black rhino and gets to name the rhino’s small baby in a special naming ceremony. In addition to members being able to share their take on the book with one another, network members also get an opportunity to chat with the author.

The ASPCA promotes the book club on their main site at By using the ASPCA logo and similar colors on their network, they are easily able to tie the network to the site.

There’s still time to join the network and participate in the May discussion, so make your way to Henry’s Book Club today!

Island technology at TechHui

TechHui is a network for Hawaii’s tech community. If you’ve ever dreamed of coding in paradise, this just might be the network for you!

Programmers, technology enthusiasts and venture capitalists are all welcome to take part. Discussions in the forum range from favorite places to code to product strategy. Groups have formed around user experience design, the Mac OS X operating system, renewable energy and more.

Members are encouraged to post events to bring people together offline as well. An upcoming GUI meetup will feature network member Cory Shaw. He’ll be showing off a new program designed by Blue Lava Technologies that allows people to organize photos using facial detection. The Hawaii Venture Capital Association is hosting a session on what entrepreneurs seeking funding should expect when choosing a lawyer.

If life for you means a laptop and the beach, you’ll find yourself right at home at TechHui.

Crafting a message with PitchEngine

PitchEngine tracks the social media PR revolution from an insider’s perspective. The network brings together PR managers, agencies and clients to talk about how social media is changing the industry, whether it’s finding yourself pitching a story idea via Twitter or wondering if anyone uses AP style anymore.

The network was started by Jason Kintzler, a communications manager at Brunton, an outdoor company based in Wyoming. He blogs regularly on the network, sharing his thoughts on why social media PR gets a bad rap and how to pitch your PR 2.0 ideas internally.

He has kept the network simple, focusing the main page on blog posts and RSS feeds and including only profile pages and the Forum to encourage discussion between members. Sometimes less really is more! For these PR professionals, it’s all about the written word.

If you’re ready to take your PR strategy to the next level, PitchEngine will help you do it!