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The Basics: 

Give your community a flexible way to organize and engage around sub-topics!  You have the option to let your members self-organize into Groups.  You can also place your members into groups automatically or manually. 

Powerful New Capabilities:
  • Mini-networks: Each group now includes almost all of the features of a full Ning Network – Blogs, Forums, Photos, custom pages, Group messages and membership.
  • Customization: Choose from multiple page layout options, add a Group cover photo, customize menu items, specify what Group members are called, and modify the Group URL. 
  • Move Content: Move blogs, discussions and photos from one Group to another or to the main forum, blog or photos feature.
  • Duplicate ContentCopy content from one Group and duplicate it to another.
  • Automation: Put members into Groups automatically based on how they answer profile questions when they join, or manually add members to Groups.
  • Granular Control: Specify who can create Groups or view listings of Groups.  Set the feature set, layout and design for all Groups or give Group Administrators the ability to customize.  Over-ride default settings for a specific Group at any time.
  • Sponsorship: Add header and footer ad boxes to each Group.  Control the ad code yourself or give Group administrators the ability to run their own advertising.
Why use Groups?

Increase member engagement in larger networks.

Groups help members meet and interact with members with similar interests. As a result, they’ll be less likely to be overwhelmed by the large volume of content and members in your Ning Network.

Common interest-based Groups: country, region, city, language, album, book, character, actor, sub-genre of music, area of practice, pet breed, profession.

What Other Network Creators Are Saying:

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Teach or activate multiple teams or classes within one online community. Save time and money by creating and managing an unlimited number of Groups in one Ning Network. 

Examples: teach online classes; supplement offline classes; keep learning going after a class has ended; offer mentoring or support groups; organize offline activities; private team collaboration; beta testing, focus groups; and premium memberships.

Learn More:
  • Introduction
  • Invite People
  • Manage Members
  • Create Groups
  • Send Group Messages
  • Customize Your Group
  • Enable the Group Hub


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BandPage Integration

  • Easily integrate with your existing BandPage account
  • Quickly set up a network loaded with content
  • Autopopulated widgets from BandPage

Publishing & Community Tools

  • Blog, Forums, Fan Photos, Liking, & Sharing
  • Member Profiles with customizable profile questions
  • Member Categories
  • Facebook, Disqus, or native Ning comments

Social Integration

  • Seamlessly integrate with Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, BandsInTown, and more.
  • Aggregate your Youtube + Vimeo videos on your site
  • Member sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & more
  • Real-Time Activity Feed with RSS & Facebook updates

Privacy & Moderation

  • Flexible privacy options for network, features, and pages
  • Powerful visibility controls for your street team, fan club, etc.
  • Granular content moderation
  • Anti-spam protection

Smartphone & Tablet Ready

  • Responsive design utilizing HTML5
  • Looks and works great on various devices: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Develop your own mobile app using APIs

Custom Design & URL

  • Drag & drop Site Builder
  • Simple & powerful Design Studio
  • Add your own custom CSS and Javascript
  • Use your own domain

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