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Display Your Custom Domain

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If you have a Ning Plus or Ning Pro Network, you can point a custom domain name you own to your network. To ensure that members and other visitors to your network always see your custom domain in their browsers’ address bars, head to the Domain Mapping page in your Social Site Manager Tab.

Ning Pro Networks will have three sets of Alternate Domain fields available while Ning Plus Networks will see one. Type your custom domain name without “www.” in front of it into the top field for “Atlernate Domain 1.” The system will automatically populate the second field for that domain with the www-version. Repeat this step if you have a Ning Pro Network and several domain names.

To then choose which version of your domain name to display in the browser address bar when your network is accessed, click the “Redirect To” radio button next to the field housing the one you prefer. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page to activate your new domain name display. When you navigate back to your Main Page, you should see it in your address bar. If your domain mapping is not set up properly, you will get an error message letting you know what changes you need to make to the settings on your registrar’s side after you click “Save.”

If you’d ever like to disable this domain name, just return to this page and select the “” subdomain from the list and save your changes again.

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