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Use Your Own Domain with Yahoo Domains

Use Your Own Domain with Yahoo Domains
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After you have reviewed the process for pointing your custom domain name to your Ning Network, follow these steps to set up the proper domain mapping with Yahoo! Domains as your registrar.
If you’re using Yahoo! Domains as your registrar, follow these steps once you’ve purchased the Use Your Own Domain premium service to set it all up.

1.After signing in to Yahoo! Domains you should be taken to the Yahoo! Small Business home page.  Next to “Sign in to:” click the Small Business button.

2. You should see domain details for each of the domains you have registered with Yahoo! Domains. Locate the domain you’d like to have point to your Ning Network and click the “Domain Control Panel” link.

3. On the Domain Control Panel page click the “Manage Advanced DNS Settings” link.

4. Locate the top entry in the list of DNS settings and click the Edit link.

5. In the Destination field enter Ning’s IP address,, and click the Submit button.

6. You should then be taken back to the previous Advanced DNS Settings page. Locate the 2nd entry in the list of DNS settings and click the Edit link.

7. In the Destination field enter the Ning sub-domain of your network, without the “http://” (for example “”), and then click the Submit button.

That’s it! You’re all done with setting up your custom domain so that it points to your domain.  The last part is to add it to your network directly.  To do that, go to your network and follow these steps to apply and display your custom domain in the address bar.

Please Note: Your changes may take up to 48 hours to appear.

If you’re still unable to access your Ning Network through your domain mapped URL, check out our Troubleshoot Domain Mapping Issues guide.

Let’s start create business website with Ning:

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