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Get the Most Out of Moderation Tools

Get the Most Out of Moderation Tools
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To make your Ning Network successful, it’s important that members feel comfortable expressing their opinions and sharing photos, videos, and anything else you might ask them to contribute. You can make sure your members are comfortable by moderating your Ning Network.

It’s not hard to moderate your Ning Network, but it does take some thought and monitoring. Don’t spend too much time focusing on the negatives – the best way to build a positive environment is to stay positive, encourage your members to participate, and react quickly when something goes wrong. Moderating your Ning Network – and doing it right – is key to building a positive reputation.

As your Ning Network grows in size and activity, you may find that you want a bit more control over the members and content on your Ning Network.

You can always add in moderation controls as your Ning Network grows, though we recommend turning on only moderation for those features that you’ve specifically seen would benefit from this. For example, if you’ve seen members joining to promote external services or products that don’t belong on your Ning Network, you can opt to turn on member moderation. Use these moderation controls sparingly and you’ll find that your Ning Network continues to grow.

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