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Troubleshoot Browser Issues

Troubleshoot Browser Issues
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I can’t click on objects/objects don’t load

Typically this is caused by something in the browser or computer interfering with normal network interaction. It can also be caused by certain Javascripts added to the network.

I can’t see text or links

It’s possible that your network’s appearance settings have been set such that text has a similar color to the background. If this is the case, you can read text by highlighting it with Ctrl+A (PC) or Command+A (Mac). In this case, the Network Creator will need to go to the Appearance page in the My Network tab and modify the colors on the network.

I get signed out when I click on a link in the network

This is likely being caused by a corrupt, outdated, or missing cookie.

I see a warning message on the network

Sometimes people see warning messages due to security or anti-spam software they have installed on their computer.  This can happen if their firewall settings are inadvertently blocking any Ning Networks.  If so, they should change the settings for it to allow access. They’ll specifically want to make sure the following aren’t blocked:

If they’re using Internet Explorer, ask them to give Firefox or Chrome a try to see if that helps improve what they’re encountering.

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