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Introduction to the Profile Page

Introduction to the Profile Page
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When you join or create a Ning Network, you automatically get your own profile page. This page can be accessed by clicking on your name in the network bar at the top of the screen, or by clicking on “My Account” and then “View Profile” from the drop-down menu panel.

On a member’s profile page, other members can view information about the member. You can personalize your profile page with a cover photo and profile photo that you upload to the page.

Ideal size proportions for a profile photo are 72×72 pixels. Ideal size proportions for a cover photo are 695×195 pixels.

Any profile questions you have added to the Profile Questions page and which a member has responded to will appear beside the profile photo. Members have the ability to make their profile pages and profile questions private, so if another member is unable to see this information, it will be due to the member’s privacy settings.

If sharing options are enabled and the profile page is publicly accessible, sharing buttons will also appear beneath the profile photo.

Beneath the profile photo and cover photo, members can click on tabs to see the content the member has added to a particular feature on the network. For example, if you have created a Photos feature that members can contribute to, any photos that a particular member has added to this feature will show up on their profile page under the Photos tab.

If a member has added content but it is not appearing there for other members, that is because the member has marked this content as private.

Members can add comments to other members’ profile pages by clicking on the Comment Wall tab and adding their comment in the text box that is provided. Their comment will appear as an activity item in the feed and will eventually expire as new items appear in the feed.

Friend Requests & Messages

You can also view the status of a pending friend request on a member’s profile page. Clicking on the “Cancel” button below the clock icon on a member’s profile page will remove the pending request.

Once a member has approved your friend request, the clock icon will turn into a friend icon. Clicking the friend icon (you’ll see a minus symbol beside the friend icon) will then allow you to unfriend the member if you change your mind.

To send a private message to a member, head to their profile page and then click the envelope icon below their profile photo.

Clicking this icon will allow you to start composing a message to this member.

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