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The 5 best conversion practices for good landing pages

The 5 best conversion practices for good landing pages
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Yesterday I was walking in a small cozy park near my house. In springtime, every single thing that is capable of blossoming blossoms; even those that can’t try to! ☺

I was observing birds and bees navigating buds and landing on fully open flowers when it occurred to me that they are like web surfers Googling for necessary information. Web users are like bees, essentially: they only land on flowers (pages) with honey (useful information). So I started wondering what makes your landing pages attractive to “bees,” i.e. to your visitors.

Here are some simple yet useful tips on how to achieve a high conversion rate for your landing page. If you want to be a high achiever, employ these tricks to make landing pages that convert.

Best conversion practices for landing pages

There are several major rules to apply to landing pages. These rules form a checklist that helps you find out whether or not your pages will convert. Keep in mind that you must experiment with different landing pages, and the final word always rests with the users.

1. General Tips on lead generation

2. Design Tips for better conversion

3. Structural elements

4. Content Tips

5. LP Promotion Tips

As you can see, it’s as easy as pie to create high converting landing pages if you know these tips.


A good conversion rate for a landing page is like tasty honey extracted by bees from the most beautiful flowers. Bees generally swarm around the most fragrant flowers; they feel the honey’s presence instinctively; they sense it. While creating a landing page, appeal to your visitors’ senses to drive them to your page in the same way nature drives bees to the best flowers. Cultivate your “flower” to bring you as much “honey” as possible!

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