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The 5 best conversion practices for good landing pages

Yesterday I was walking in a small cozy park near my house. In springtime, every single thing that is capable of blossoming blossoms; even those that can’t try to! ☺

I was observing birds and bees navigating buds and landing on fully open flowers when it occurred to me that they are like web surfers Googling for necessary information. Web users are like bees, essentially: they only land on flowers (pages) with honey (useful information). So I started wondering what makes your landing pages attractive to “bees,” i.e. to your visitors. Continue reading

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A set of useful tips on how to create a landing page using different landing page builders

The first in our series of guidelines on community creation, management and SEO points dealt with the most general landing page types.

The series continues with the guideline on how to create an efficient landing page using tools offered by different platforms. Today we’re bringing you the guideline on making an awesome landing page with little effort. Continue reading

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Landing page definition and description of different landing page types

In this digital age, many web users (not only those who are entrepreneurs or professional marketers, but also hobbyists) are interested in different aspects of internet marketing. They want to create their own websites, blogs, and landing pages and start earning big money immediately. Continue reading

SEO Tips For Your Network


If you’ve set up Google Analytics or any other kind of traffic analysis tool for your network, chances are you’ve noticed that search engines typically send a lot of visitors your way.

Just like with any website, search engines send out crawlers to your network to discover and analyze it. Once this is done, your network starts appearing on the search results for certain phrases or keywords that visitors type in. Since most people aren’t willing to look beyond the top 10-20 search results, high rankings are extremely important.

So how do we snag that golden search rank ticket?

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