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Appoint Multiple Levels of Administrators

Appoint Multiple Levels of Administrators
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You can provide members with administrative tools to help you manage your Ning Network, but without giving them full access to all administrative features on your network. To create different levels of administrators, go to the My Network tab and click on “Management” from the Members section. Once on the Management page, click on “Administrative Roles.”

On the Manage Roles page, click “Add a Role.” You’ll see all the different permissions that you can grant to administrators.

You can appoint a member to moderate a single feature or multiple features.

If you have specific content that you need help moderating — such as a very active forum thread — you can choose an individual content item by URL for the role to moderate. An administrator of a content item can delete comments, remove the item from your Ning Network, and perform other administrative duties.

After you have selected the mix of features and content items that you want a member to moderate, click “Save” to create that role. Once the role has been created, you can appoint members to the role back on the Management page. And, to save you time, energy and repetition, you can assign as many members as you’d like to a particular role — and create up to 20 roles.

Here’s the breakdown of the specific permissions you can grant to a role:

Appearance Moderation












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