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Edit or Delete a Page Type from Your Network

Edit or Delete a Page Type from Your Network
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There are multiple page types that you can add to your network through the Social Site Builder. You can add a BlogCustom Page, Forum, Photos, Social Channel or URL page type to your network. After you’ve added one, at any time, you can go back to its Page Settings and make changes to it.

Just click on the wrench icon, then click on the tablet icon to head over to your Sites & Pages manager. From there, find the Social Site Builder section and click on the tab for the specific Page Type that you want to edit.

In the Page Settings, you can change the status of a page to “Published” or “Draft”. A “published” page will be visible to people based on the page type’s viewing permissions. Saving the page as a “draft” means that this page will be visible to you and your administrators on the network. If you are just getting started and want to have everything set up before you make your network live for all the world to see, save your page types as drafts.

Every page type will have slightly different page settings specific to it. Depending on the page type, you can control who can contribute to it and who can view it, as well as whether to allow members to add comments (HTML or plain) to content added to this particular page type. Change the page title, tab title or URL here. To create greater organization within your page type, add categories to it. Also set the comment order here. If you want people to go to a forum discussion and see newest discussions on that very first page, select “Newest on Top”.

You’ll also see that you can determine whether or not this page should be your network’s homepage or if it makes more sense as a sub-tab of another tab in the navigation menu. To rearrange your navigation menu, drag and drop a tab into a different location. Shaded tabs indicate that they are sub-tabs.

Please note that moving a tab around will reset any sub-tab specifications for it. You’ll need to reapply these changes to your tab after it’s in its desired location.

If you’ve decided that you no longer need this page type, click on the trashcan icon or the “Delete this page type” link at the bottom.

Deleting a page type deletes all of the associated content with that page type.

You’ll be prompted with a warning message, alerting you to the fact that deleting a page type deletes all of the associated content with that page type. There isn’t a way to undo this option once you’ve clicked “Delete”, so make sure this is the right choice for you.

Alternatively, you can drag a page type into the Unlinked Pages section of the Social Site Builder. This enables the page to exist, but removes the tab from your navigation menu. You can also save a page type as a “Draft” to make it inaccessible to anyone other than you and your administrators.

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