Create your unique online community

Ning makes it incredibly easy to create a beautiful social network.
You don’t need any technical knowledge or background. All you really need is to use Ning’s drag and drop network editor and Design Studio to build your web-site the way you see it and fill it with dazzling content, which can be your own story.

Use a domain you already own
Simple & Powerful Design Studio
Simple Drag & Drop Site Builder

Tame it to  perfection

With a huge variety of pre-installed useful features you can grow a perfect network: Photo and Video to visualize your story; Blogs and Forums to communicate with your followers, get feedback, ask questions and many more. You can also create an unlimited number of Groups and share different content within them, as well as customize Member Categories and Profiles. Whether you are a musician, a photographer or a professional mum, or all in one – you can share anything you want!

  • Blogs & Forums
  • Customizable Member Profiles
  • Photos & Videos
  • Member Categories
  • Events
  • Grow your network
  • Unlimited sub-Groups

Grow your network with Ning social integration

Now it is time to make it noticeable and invite people to your social network. And who can be more loyal than your friends? Start with Linking and Social Sharing option to connect your community to your social accounts, letting your friends and followers see what you post in your blog. Motivate your new members to share your content using Broadcast e-mails, seamless sharing option and real-time Activity Feed.

  • Email Broadcast facility
  • Member sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & more
  • Liking and Sharing
  • YouTube and Vimeo Integration
  • Seamless sharing to social media sites
  • Real-time aggregated Activity Feed

Custom Design

Create your Network, grow it and, when you are ready, make it even more powerful. Ning allows you to add custom CSS and JavaScript, implement unlimited custom HTML pages and develop your own mobile app using Ning APIs.

  • Your own custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Unlimited custom HTML Pages
  • Mobile app

Reach your audience using integrated analytics and SEO features

Make it even more perfect – invite experts to your blog, or make your most active members co-publishers, or administrators. With a Lightweight Analytics tool, you can see how your community is growing and who your most interested members are to motivate them. And easy-to-use SEO tools will help you to create a really outstanding Ning Network

  • Advanced Blog feature
  • SEO optimized
  • Facebook, Discus or native comments

Be anywhere you want

Our platform is designed for creating a great mobile experience for your private community. No matter how you choose to create your network, whether on a laptop or a tablet, it will still look perfect on any device you or your members have.

  • Responsive design utilizing HTML5
  • Various devices: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

Maximum control – better results

Apply your own rules, control all activity, and choose what can be seen and what will be private. And be absolutely confident that nothing will affect your content with the newest Anti-Spam protection.

  • Fine-grained privacy controls
  • Appoint multiple administrators
  • Granular content moderation
  • Anti-spam protection

Create your own vision using all Ning features