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NING E-commerce platform

  • Paid Access to content

    This option will allow you to set up the access to the content you consider most valuable. You can make your content available for a certain price, certain period of time, and for a certain group of users. With Paid Access option, you can make your content work for you!

  • Paid membership

    Are your members highly engaged in your network? Then you can easily monetize your website traffic by applying Paid Membership option. You can apply one-time payment or recurring subscription to access your network, and let your website work for you!

  • Donation

    This option will help you raise funds for your personal endeavours or charity. You can easily add the Donate button to your network menu and get your donations collected without any worries. Let your altruistic dream come true!

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What our network creators say

"​The Paywall is critical for us. Our main goal is to get as many people paying for membership as possible in order to help fund the ministry. Measuring effectiveness will come by way of interaction, feedback, and member sharing/inviting new members."
Heidi St. John
network creator
"Content creation & management requires thorough research, editing, creativity and activation. As a professional tool, Paid Access now allows us to monetize our work, grow and reinvest in our community. I am particularly pleased with NING not maintaining the status quo, but trying to push ongoing technical development to keep our network up to speed with the needs of today's ever more demanding communities."
Marco Westerhof
network creator
"For me it was time to change, to give a breakthrough to my business! I wanted to facilitate access to my network through simple and effective payment methods. What better time can be than now with NING's New Ecommerce Services? Merchants settings with PayPal and Stripe Integration, autocreation of the customer profile when purchasing, autobilling with Analytics Invoices and Transactions."
Giuseppe Pastena
network creator

Who can use NING E-commerce platform?

  • Bloggers and content creators

    With Paid Access option, you can get money for access to your articles, lessons, instructions, scientific or artistic writings, as well as to your blog posts.

  • Business and niche communities

    With Paid Membership option, you can get money for access to your website through one-time or recurring subscription. Earn more by attracting new network members!

  • Non-profit organizations and altruistic activists

    The Donation option will be extremely useful for networks that unite people around altruistic ideas. You can make our world a better place together with NING!

Ecommerce Features

Easy-to-use payment analytics

Multiple payment options

Fraud prevention and multi-factor authentication

What we offer

Effective platform

Effective content monetization platform allowing you to make money on social media. Develop your own content and make it work for you - monetize a website on your own terms.

Monetization options

An opportunity to set up Paywalls around your most valuable content and monetize social network by means of our new Paid Access and Donation options.

Transaction control

Full access to our new set of monetization tools. Manage your Pay Walls and Analytics of social payments with a user-friendly E-commerce administration panel.

Web traffic management

Innovative solutions that will enable you to discover how social networks make money and how to get paid for social media posts. Reveal new ways of traffic monetization!

Alternative to ads

Unique chance to monetize your blog and social media traffic without ads. Earn money from social media offering your knowledge and expertise to others.

Social Media for business

Wide range of possibilities to use social media for business. Monetize your network to increase profits. Reach your target audience from anywhere in the world.


What payment methods are available to charge fees for my paid content?

You can charge fees through PayPal or accept credit card payments via Stripe.

Where can I check the history of transactions related to my paid content?

The information about your paid content transactions is available in the "Invoices" section of NING's E-commerce platform.

How to make a refund with a paid invoice?

The refund is performed in the "Invoices" section. To do this, you need to select the required paid invoice (status Charge). Then, switch to a mode allowing you to review the invoice information (View Invoice). To make a full refund to the designated credit card, click the “Full Refund” button.

Is there an option to remove the Pay Wall?

No, you can't remove the Pay Wall. You can only deactivate it if necessary.

In what currencies can I receive payments for my paid content?

Payments are accepted in USD by default. Contact our support team to switch to alternative currencies.

Which account are the funds credited to after the access to my content has been paid?

The funds are credited to the active account in the "Payment Methods" section. If the payment is made through a member's PayPal account, the money will be credited to a network creator's PayPal account accordingly. If the payment is made with a credit card via Stripe, the money will be credited to a network creator's Stripe account.

Where can I check the activity data on the E-commerce platform?

The analytics on all activities/invoices/transactions is available in the "Analytics" section of NING's E-commerce platform.

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