Design Templates

Pick a template that would ideally reflect the identity of your NING network
  • Blog — Make your own blog stand out from the rest! Write about your life, travelling experience, hobbies, profession — anything you feel compelled to share with your community.
  • Portfolio — Impress customers with the level of professionalism you’re capable of. Showcase your works, report on projects, keep in touch with colleagues and customers.
  • Professional — Develop your own professional blog to raise awareness about relevant issues and exchange experiences with your peers. Contribute your knowledge into a subject matter of interest!
  • Craft — Let everyone know about your skills, be it knitting, painting, woodcarving, etc. Share your knowledge, show off masterpieces, arrange workshops — craft to inspire others!
  • Religion — Help those who seek guidance to find your church or religious community. Tell the world about your faith, post recent news, and communicate with parishioners online.
  • Education — Put a spotlight on relevant educational issues, promote schools, colleges or courses, offer professional trainings, coordinate teachers, students and their parents.
  • Sport — Whether you are a fervent sports enthusiast or someone who just knows how to stay healthy and fit, tell others about your lifestyle, give helpful advice, and coach your followers online!
  • Charity — Make a difference in people’s lives: create a network to draw public attention to issues that really matter, collect donations, raise funds, and get in touch with those likeminded.
  • Basic — Use your own network the way you like! The standard theme portraying a sunrise over Florence is a good starting point if you are still to decide what path to choose.
  • Music — The best way to introduce your music to the world is through a nice and shiny website. Share your music, videos, and artwork with your fans!
  • Fitness — Do you know how to stay fit and healthy? Help others by sharing your advice, posting workout videos, teaching yoga or other disciplines online and more!
  • DJ — Does music mean more than just a handful of tunes to you? Don’t hesitate to share your passion with others, get in touch with fellow musicians, and post latest news from the industry!
  • Dating — Are you dreaming of helping people find their soulmates? Let your network members open up to each other, motivate them to communicate, share experiences and emotions.
  • Gaming — Connecting with gamers has never been so fun! Prepare to share the latest game trailers, news, and reviews, and draw public attention to upcoming gaming events.