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Is podcasting your hobby? Then, perhaps, it’s time to turn it into a profitable venture! If your audience craves for quality content, deliver it to your own website, on your own terms! With NING, you can build a professional podcast hosting site, grow a personal social network, and make money from your content like never before.

The Ultimate Website Building Solution

Detailed Customization

Build a stunning website using beautiful design templates and simple customization tools.

Abundance of Useful Features

Enhance your website functionality with amazing content sharing and networking features.

Total Security

Safe connection through the HTTPS protocol, full control over personal data, and adjustable privacy settings.

Simplified Content Management

Create any number of pages or delete them anytime. Managing website content requires no tech skills at all.

Varied Monetization Options

Monetize your website using three available methods: Paid Access, Paid Membership, and Donations.

24/7 Support

Any problems you might encounter will be efficiently resolved by our professional and friendly support team.

NING Offers the Best Way to Create a Website for Podcast Hosting

Design your own website, build a community, and get paid

Your unique design

Deliver the best content to your audience with style! Make your podcast website stand out and design its appearance from the ground up following your inspiration and creative vision. NING offers a wide array of easy-to-use customization tools so you can build a website of your dreams without a professional’s help.

Personal social network

Your audience is your most valuable asset. Creating a social website on NING is the best way to bring all of your fans together in one place. Keep them engaged, expand the network, and interact with your followers online via personal or group messages, live chat, comments, forums, polls, etc.

Flexible monetization tools

Do you provide your audience with truly unique, useful, and entertaining content? Then it’s time to get rewarded for all your hard work! Consider monetizing your podcasts and turning your hobby into a profitable business. NING has all the tools you need to achieve that.

Ready to Become the Best Podcaster on the Web?

Start with building a social website on NING

Podcasting is on the rise, and quality content is in ever high demand. So if you make interesting and informative podcasts which a lot of people enjoy, your primary concern should be establishing the online presence and creating a hub where you can keep all of your content and make it available for the public. And when the right time comes, monetization should be a project you will be 100% prepared to.

In other words, you need a platform that will allow you to create a professional website with comprehensive content sharing features and monetization possibilities. This is exactly why NING is chosen by thousands of content creators around the world.

What makes NING the best website builder for content creators? It is the following features that have brought the platform acknowledgment:

Advanced customization

Pick a design template, modify its appearance the way you like, and create a dazzling landing page. NING is so simple to use, that any person regardless of technical skills and prior experience of using similar software can create an awesome website in a matter of hours.

Versatile content sharing

No matter whether you specialize in podcasting, blogging or video content production, your NING website can become an ultimate outlet for your creativity. Share articles, photos, videos, and music alongside with podcasts to diversify your content and increase the engagement level for your audience.

Unparalleled social networking

Why create a static website when you can make your own sprawling online community? Invite your most loyal fans to join your social network, communicate with the audience to keep them engaged, obtain feedback, grow your influence, and promote your content efficiently. NING allows you to exchange messages and comments, talk via live chat, discuss relevant issues on forums, run polls and surveys!

Easy monetization

As soon as you are ready to start making money from your content, NING will be there to back you up with its three comprehensive monetization options:

Paid Access: Sell your best content directly to your audience. You can sell your podcasts piece by piece, in packages, or bundled with other content.

Paid Membership: Monetize the entire website with all its online assets by setting up a membership fee. This works best for podcasters with a large following and highly engaged audiences.

Donations: Offer the content for free but leave your fans an opportunity to support you nevertheless. This is the best way for beginner content creators to explore monetization without enforcing any mandatory fees.

NING’s goal is to provide talented content creators with everything they need to work productively, grow their fan base, and earn money. Check it out for yourself! Start your 14-day free trial now, create a stunning podcast website, and find out how many opportunities there are yet to explore!

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