Not for a profit - for a purpose

You change the world NING gives you all the tools to do it

Launch a nonprofit community to help change this world for better


Nurture your idea

As a website builder for non profit organization, NING provides you with all the tools to bring your charity program to the spotlight and help it resonate with the society


Gather donations

With our simple and user-friendly charity crowdfunding mechanism, you can raise essential funds to support your mission quickly and easily


Stay transparent

NING provides you with clear and enhanced analytics that will help you track and broadcast your progress

Don't wait for opportunities to drive social change. Act now!

Social inequality has many faces - and NING arms you with technologies to combat all of them.

NING non profit website builder provides you with the unique conditions to create a charity website or launch your nonprofit community with a head start and integrate your mission to the world of social media. Depending on the specific requirements of your organization, we will come up with the most suitable solution for you to reach your target audience, promote your goals across multiple social channels, organize various events, get donated, and attract new supporters.

Worldwide 72% of giving comes from individuals
Donation $60B given to education charity
Life Price 1,5M charitable organizations in the US
Donation to people 32% of donations go to religious organizations

FAQ about our fundraising program

What do I need to start a fundraising site?

You need to create a network on NING and then contact our support team that will provide you with the further instructions. You will get a personal assistant manager who will help you organize your online community in the most appropriate way.

How can I start raising money for charity?

NING platform provides you with donation functionality that can be applied and set up in a few steps. Simply adjust PayPal and Stripe accounts for fundraising, and the functionality is ready to use.

Does it matter in which country my nonprofit is registered?

Absolutely not - our offer has no geographical limitations whatsoever. You will only need to provide the documentation that is valid for your country of registration.

How can I manage the fundraising process?

You will be able to enter the timeframe for fundraising, the minimum and maximum donation amount, and the amount that will be displayed in the donation box by default.

Have any questions? Contact us straightaway!

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