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Aaron is a Senior Community Advocate at Ning.

Platform-wide scheduled maintenance on Friday, November 16

We will be performing maintenance on the Ning Platform on Friday, November 16, beginning at 10 PM Pacific Time. During this time, all Ning Networks will be unavailable for approximately 15 minutes.

We’ve been proud to offer a consistently high uptime and need to perform some crucial database updates to ensure that reliability continues.

During this time:

· Your Ning Network will display a maintenance page matching your current theme customization to let your members know that your community is temporarily unavailable.
· We will update the Ning Status Blog when this maintenance begins and ends.
· The Creators Network will also be down for maintenance. We will update on Creators when all is complete.

You may want to let your members know about this downtime in advance via a Broadcast Message or notice on the Main Page of your network. Feel free to make use of the language below, filling in your network details.

Formal: We will be performing maintenance on [network_name] on Friday, November 16, between 10 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. Pacific Time. During this time, [network_name] will be unavailable. We hope this won’t be too much of an inconvenience as we work to perform some necessary upgrades.

Informal: Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that we need to perform some simple but necessary maintenance on [network_name] this coming Friday, November 16. We’ll need to take the site down at 10 pm Pacific for about 15 minutes, during which we’ll simply show a message asking folks to check back later. Thanks in advance for your patience while we tune up the site!

Earth Day 2011: Banco do Planeta’s Commitment to Sustainability

Comunidade Banco do Planeta (Bank of the Planet Community) is a network operated by Bradesco, one of the big four banks in Brazil. This community powered by Ning showcases Bradesco’s ongoing commitment to environmental and financial sustainability. Unlike many banks, one of Bradesco’s core values is to give back to the communities they serve, helping their customers invest not only in funds or stocks, but also in their communities, Brazilian society, and—naturally—the planet. The network sponsors events related to green urban development, courses on environmental education, and social responsibility seminars for businesses. With over 19,000 members, the network’s members include environmental activists, representatives of the business community, and nonprofit organizations.

Groups on the network cater to a specific stakeholders interested in sustainability, including e-construction,  ecotourism, and green energy. The network also sponsors scholarships, prizes, and essay contests related to sustainability and environmental education, which serve to increase member engagement on Comunidade Banco do Planeta. Bradesco itself funds many of these prizes, and also uses its community network to coordinate collective projects alongside NGOs and the public sector. For Bradesco, their online community is an important way to engage with customers and exemplify their core values of sustainable finance, responsible management, and social investing in the broadest sense. Their online community serves as an interactive supplement to and the bank’s other community endeavors like the Bradesco Foundation, the Bradesco Sports and Education Program, and the Sustainable Amazon Foundation.

Comunidade Banco do Planeta is a wonderful example of how Ning enables organizations and activists all around the globe.

Feliz Dia da Terra! (Happy Earth Day!)

Your Cup Runneth Over with Choices for Beer

Here in the Bay Area, beer aficionados are gearing up for San Francisco Beer Week in February, one of many craft beer festivals that take place across the country. Beer fans who take their passion for potables online come in all shapes and sizes.

Take, for example, The Aleuminati, founded in 2008 by Sean Connelly, a writer for Beer Connoisseur magazine. The Aleuminati are dedicated to spreading the love of craft beer and homebrewing worldwide. Their network allows beer geeks and homebrewers to discuss techniques, review craft beers, swap recipes, and exchange hard-to-find brews. Unlike other beer review sites, The Aleuminati’s strength lies in the daily interactions members cultivate with each other and the constant multimedia sharing through which they show their love for beer, including some great videos and podcasts. Sign up for this “not so secret society of beer drinkers” to join in the discussion.

Beer for Chicks aims to popularize a passion for pints in the hearts of women everywhere, and provides beer expertise from a female perspective.

Run by Christina Perozzi, a seasoned beer sommelier and the co-author of The Naked Pint, Beer For Chicks is a hub for beer bloggers to learn share and discuss craft beers, beer and food pairings, and tasty recipes made with beer. The network showcases recipes like Pumpkin Pie with a Kick, French Onion Beer Soup, and a heavenly imperial stout-based whip cream infusion. Visit Beer for Chicks to experience Christina’s efforts to dispel the myths women have about beer and bring it to the forefront of modern dining.

Finally, The Beer Army aims to cultivate the appreciation of quality beer as well as to help develop a robust craft beer scene in its home base of Eastern North Carolina. Their network sponsors several real-world meet-ups and craft beer events that shine the spotlight on local and regional breweries. Their next project is their very own beer festival. The Beer Army is a great place for beer fans to discuss trends in craft brewing and the beer industry, such as nanobreweries and the green brewing revolution.

These beer fans find an online haven in Ning Networks as their preferred place to celebrate the suds.

Maintenance this Friday, April 9 at 10 p.m.

On Friday, April 9, we’ll be doing some maintenance on the Ning Platform beginning at 10 p.m Pacific Time and ending 4 hours later at 2 a.m. When we perform necessary downtime maintenance, we make sure that we get a lot of key things accomplished so that we can maintain our consistently high uptime rate. During this period, we’ll be doing crucial upgrades to hardware, systems and databases to ensure Ning Networks stay online and speedy.

The maintenance will start at 10 p.m. Pacific Time and will last for 4 hours. During this time, all Ning Networks will be offline and will display branded maintenance pages. Ongoing updates regarding this maintenance will be available on the Ning Status Blog.

Aaron is an Associate Community Advocate at Ning, and is currently working on the Catalan translation for Ning Networks.