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Live Slow, Drink Jaho

Jaho Coffee’s slogan may seem a bit backwards to the average coffee drinker.

Why even drink a cup of coffee if you can’t sit down and enjoy it? At Jaho Coffee & Tea we believe in living slow, taking a few minutes out of a busy day to sit down with a cup of your favorite beverage and just relax.

I typically start the day by grabbing the biggest mug I can find and filling it to the top with caffeine, sugar and milk. Apparently I don’t know the first thing about coffee. That’s why I’ve enjoyed the Jaho Coffee network so much!

Located in Salem, Mass., this amazing little coffee and tea shop has received rave reviews. Since opening on August of 2005, Jaho has become Salem’s favorite coffee shop and a regular stop for many of the locals. Don’t be fooled though. Their awesome network isn’t just for those in the Salem area. Members can join to discuss all things tea and coffee shop or just to drool over the amazing pictures.

So steam your way over to Jaho Coffee and Tea. It’s the only place to meet a Maneki Neko Barista!

Protecting yourself with Krav Maga

KravStation is the first and largest international social network of Krav Maga self-defense tactical system. And with groups representing locations from Hungary to Texas to Israel, this statement is hard to argue with.

Developed in Hungary during WW II, Krav Maga is a self-defense system that anyone can use, regardless of size, strength, or fitness. It emphasizes simple and practical techniques, real life scenarios, and intense training. Krav Maga is the ideal self-defense system for use on the streets.

Want to make sure you’re in tip-top Krav Maga form? Check out the National Training IKMF in Belgium this June. Or the Law Enforcement Seminar in Texas. Can’t leave the house before you’re self-defense trained? Watch the amazing videos and learn the best moves for every situation!

So before you cut through that dark alley, make sure you’ve checked out KravStation. You’ll definitely find some useful self-defense tips!

Racing, drifting with style

Remember when you were little and got your first remote controlled car? You used to race it around the living room and ram it into the walls. is all about what would’ve happened if you’d stuck with it.

Billed as “a place for RC drifters,” this network is all about RC car racing. But not just any old racing. Drifting! RC drifting is when the driver intentionally makes the rear wheels slip out causing the car to glide sideways around turns. While coming in first is important, style plays a major roll in this type of racing. You’ll never get any street cred keeping your car pointed straight ahead!

And these aren’t your regular remote-controlled cars. They’ve been upgraded and tuned to perfection! With advanced engines, slick paint jobs and specialty drifting tires, these cars put your station wagon to shame.

So before you start drifting your minivan around the neighborhood, grab an RC car, head over to and start spinning those tires!

The breed you love the most!

The Bearded Collie Network is “the place for Bearded Collies owners around the world to share experience, photos, videos and stories of one of the most beautiful dog breed.”

As a rather active network, members share their thoughts on everything from grooming to show results. Also, most members have uploaded amazing images of their Bearded Collies as their profile pictures. Check out Christina or Tetti’s pages for great examples!

If the combination of beards and dogs sounds like your thing, check out the Bearded Collie Network! You won’t be disappointed.

SeaKnots: for those who cruise the ocean

SeaKnots is a beautiful network created for the boaters among us who love to sail the seven seas. With an aquamarine ocean background, you can’t help but want to throw on your Captain’s hat and raise the anchor.

When joining this network, members are asked to identify themselves as a Vessel, Sailor or Yacht Club/Marina. This way, your Bruce Roberts 42 can have it’s own profile! And with amazing images of both sailors and boats, there’s a lot of content to dive into.

Don’t feel you have the sea legs to shimmy up the mast to untangle the sail lines? Check out this great instructional video for using the Mast Mate climbing system! You’ll be fixing the rigging in no time. Also, the forum is filled with great info ranging from boat naming to the America’s Cup, which will be great for speaking the lingo at your next boat race!

So if you own a boat, have been on a boat or just you would look good in a sailor’s hat, set your course due West and sail on over to

The world’s greatest skate comp!

The Maloof Money Cup network is for the skateboard competition of the same name, known as one of the “World’s Greatest Skateboard Competitions.” Scheduled to take place July 11th to the 13th in Orange County, this skateboarding mecca will be the best place to see the pros push the limits of skating.

Created to get the word out about the contest, the Maloof Money Cup social network is attracting skaters and fans like wildfire. One of the best aspects of the network: each week members submit videos to the Maloof Money Cup Weekly Video Contest! Weekly prizes range from fast food gift certificates to brand new skate gear. And, two grand prize winners will be sent to compete in the US Amateur Championship at the Maloof Money Cup. That’s right. Two overall winners will get to compete at the Maloof Money Cup!

So whether you like to huck big air, do insane wall plants or just wish you did, get your pads on and head over to Maloof Money Cup. They’re waiting for your video!

Art and music that feels good


Feels Good is a network devoted art and music. Started only last month, this network is developing itself into a great place to show one’s inner talent.

This visually appealing network is a great example of how beautiful pictures can really brighten a network up. The new design grid, which increased the width of the center column, really makes the photo slideshow stand out. With Network Creator DENNIS keeping things interesting, it’s no surprise that members are enamored by the network. Want to get to know him? Check out this interesting video where he gives himself a haircut!

DENNIS has used one his text boxes to really bring attention to individual members of the network. Right now, he’s featuring Jared.


Also, members are using the network to showcase their amazing talent. Just check out these incredible concert pics! Or these moving black and whites. With skills like these is destined to be a hit!

So if you love the combination of music and art, grab your songs and colored pencils and head on over to Feels Good.