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A Chat with Benjamin Wilkoff, School Teacher

One aspect of Ning about which we’re keenest is the facility it provides for people to go from merely consuming to creating. We call it the Ning Playground because it’s a forum for the best attributes of play: experimentation, creativity, and most of all, fun. Benjamin Wilkoff is a teacher who’s using some of Ning’s playful aspects to give his students a place to to experiment with reading and writing online. He’s also taking advantage of Ning’s easy app creation to rapidly produce a variety of educational resources for his local district. In this conversation I asked him about the many ways he uses online services to assist in his teaching, and how his students have thrived as a result.

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A Chat with Rob Mowery

Robert Mowery

Rob Mowery has been an active user, developer and advocate for Ning going back almost all the way to our launch late last year. Not only has he created a whole load of Apps, but he regularly sends us great tips about the new technologies we should be investigating. I spoke to him about his many and varied apps, music-teaching software and what he’d like to see Ning do next.

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A Chat with Ivan Bueno, Creator of Girl On Girl

Ivan Bueno

Shortly after Ning debuted in October, one user-created app rapidly established itself as the most popular on the system. That it took several months to unseat it was not a major surprise. Girl On Girl mixes the addictive simplicity of This Or That with several hundred female celebrities, but it doesn’t end there. As well as being Ning’s first big user-created hit, it was also the first Ning App to be heavily customized by its owner.

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Juicy new Developer Features!

This weekend saw our eager-beaver engineering and operations teams roll out another release of the Ning Playground. The front-end differences are fairly small this time, but there are quite a few of them: for example, the Ningbar’s easier to get around with “Back” button support and a dedicated user search on the “People” panel.

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Timeliner and the Build-To-Clone Model

Here’s a little app I cooked up recently: Timeliner. It’s based on a gorgeous Javascript widget produced by the SIMILE Project at MIT. (Thanks to Rob Mowery for pointing it out – he sends us all kinds of goodies, that man.) It’s a very basic proof of concept that just makes it easy to add events on a timeline and share it. Try clicking on events, or grabbing the timeline and dragging it around – nifty, eh?

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A Chat with the “Amy’s Robot” Team

Since 2002, Amy’s Robot has been essential reading for those in the know. The blog provides a compelling stream of news, celebrity gossip and political opinion, addictively flavored with their own brand of wit and snark. They’ve now expanded their efforts into a number of single-topic blogs such as ScaryNY, Bad Love and The Ledger.

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