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Creating a cultural experience in New London


The Hygienic Arts social network is bringing new life to the arts scene in New London, Connecticut. The organization behind the social network has been active for a full 30 years, and their new social network has already attracted 250 members. Their goal: to create a dialogue about the arts, taking advantage of the features built-in to Hygienic Arts. Members upload their own photography, paintings, and drawings to the Photos section, including artwork portraying the town itself. The Events section is a great place to learn about upcoming happenings in the New London art scene. You can even check out the official Hygienic video in the social network’s new and improved video player.

Find the cutting scientific edge at MySDScience

We blogged about the MySDScience social network back in August, and they’ve compiled more knowledge and members since. This scene for San Diego science has a host of info covering RNA, the mental development of rhythm recognition, and hundreds of other topics. Currently, the network crew is gearing up for the San Diego Science Festival starting in late March. If you don’t want to read, there are plenty of dedicated video explanations, even an entertaining and thorough music video about the immune system.

It’s a Recruiter Earth


As we noted the last time we blogged about Recruiter Earth, it’s only natural for recruiters to find a home on a social network. Members of Recruiter Earth are offering each other training, celebrating their certifications, and networking for referrals and candidates. There’s also some really cool and unique content, like a video of a phone call by one of the country’s top recruiters to analyze and learn from.

All the fun, none of the goldfish crumbs


We wrote about Babble Playground the week it launched a year ago, and they’ve picked up more than 2,250 members since. This social network is for readers of, the magazine for a “new generation of parents.”

The Babble Playground is hot with conversations about parenting and questions many might not even think of, like how to end co-sleeping, whether to throw 1-year-olds birthday parties, and the pros and cons of home births. Members of the social network are extremely active bloggers, and the social network is home base for regular photo contests Babble runs. If you have a question about parenting or want to share a photo of a cute kid in your life, stop by the Babble Playground today.

Boston’s marketing force unites


The American Marketing Association has created a social network for Boston that’s already 625 strong, and they’re helping each other rise to the top of the business scene. Events to come include a seminar on effective use of LinkedIn and a workshop on search engine optimization, and members have been posting thoughts on mobile advertising and recovering from recession and even video analysis of how websites are like pies.

Think, act, and be happier, all in 48 days


It’s been more than 48 days since we last blogged about the, and according to this social network, that’s more than enough time to have started a business. Dan Miller, “your friend in the journey,” posts weekly updates to keep members motivated, and members have responded by getting involved in everything from church consulting to furniture refinishing to marathon running. We don’t doubt that their mutual support on has been a key part of their successes.

Helping those touched by diabetes


TuDiabetes is a “community of people touched by diabetes.” We last blogged about them in June of 2007, and they’ve been connecting people touched by diabetes for nearly two years. Members have a place to talk and share with others whether they’re newly diagnosed or looking for thoughts on fitness. A wealth of detail and support awaits, and many members post blogs and video updates of their progress.

Checking in on

social-cigar-cigar-social-network is a “cigar anti-propoganda machine.” We’ve been following this social network for almost a year now, and they have quite a few things planned in the next few months, including a four day cigar festival in the Dominican Republic, international pipe smoking day, and a classy wine tasting and new cigar release. If you’re a cigar smoker and want to “join the movement to bring integrity back to cigar ratings” swing by

Hollywood comes to New England


The Plymouth Rock Studios creators of the HollyWood East TV social network are on a mission to bring Hollywood to the east coast, and their snowball effort has only been growing since we last wrote about them. Lately, they’ve been meeting with the Chamber of commerce, hanging out at a New York comic convention, and more, and they’re soon to be posting their location-scouting exploits as part of their video series.