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Win a trip to SXSWi with Ning!

Join us at SXSW Interactive March 12-16 and be a part of the Ning {RV}IP Lounge!

Experiencing SXSWi is something you will never forget and we want to send you! Three lucky Ning Network Creators will be our privileged guests, receiving backstage passes to all Ning events, a SXSW Interactive badge, travel and hotel accommodations and $250 spending cash.

In return, we ask that you take the experience to expand your industry knowledge, network with your peers, promote your Ning Network and most of all, have fun! We also ask you to blog, share photos and videos about your time on the SXSW Insider Guide Ning Network.

Click here for rules and to enter. Hurry, because submissions end Monday, March 1 at 2 p.m. PT.

Thanks, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Ning Creators at 2 Weeks

It’s been just over two weeks since we went live with our Creators Network and we are thrilled with what we’ve seen so far!

Here are some statistics:

With the help from our initial Guides and the ongoing participation of all Ning Creators, this Ning Network is truly becoming the hub to learn about growing and managing your Ning Network.

We hope you’ll come join us!

Pardon our dust

In the last few weeks some people have experienced less than the normal level of responsiveness in the Ning Help Center we pride ourselves on here at Ning. Over the past two weeks, we’ve been upgrading the back-end system we use to run the Ning Help Center and it’s created a bit of a backlog of help tickets.

This new back-end software will ultimately allow us to be an even better partner to you in delivering the awesome advocacy we work hard to deliver to everyone on the Ning Platform. Specifically, it allows us to:

  • Answer your questions from anywhere at anytime from a mobile interface
  • Better search of your prior issues and questions you’ve submitted
  • Smooth and seamlessly integrate with our feature tracking system, so that we make sure that we deliver your ideas, recommendations and bug reports to our product and engineering team even faster

The irony of this transition is while this new back-end will let us serve you better and faster shortly, we have probably another week to return to the speedy responses we are committed to delivering to you, our Network Creators. We appreciate both your patience and help during this transition. We also want to suggest the following which will help us get you what you need as fast as possible:

1. Start by searching the Ning Help Center. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into making our Ning Help Center articles as useful as possible. We have hundreds of articles that cover everything from how to sign up for a Ning Network to point your domain name to your Ning Network with popular registrars. It’s pretty comprehensive and a great place to start.

2. Give us as much detail as possible when you first write in. Understanding your browser, operating system and the specific URL you hit when you ran into a problem allows us to troubleshoot the issue in a single shot. Screenshots are extremely valuable in getting the most out of our team of Advocates who are here to help. Specific details around what you want to do and can’t or a problem that you ran into increase the odds that we can get you back-in-action quickly. All caps, lots of exclamation points and/or no detail turn out to be less helpful or effective in getting your problems solved. Not that we’re totally opposed to them, but detailed information will get you even better results.

3. Sign in to follow a ticket. One of the features we introduced last year was the ability to follow a ticket and the follow up we offer. As you get more information or become increasingly concerned with the issue, you can follow up on that ticket, which has the benefit of allowing us to see everything from you in one place. This concentration of information, when followed, allows us to get you back-in-action or answer your question as efficiently – and therefore as quickly – as possible. Because of this feature, sending multiple tickets for the same issue will actually get in the way of sending help rapidly because we either don’t have all the information or we have multiple people working on the same problem which, in this case, doesn’t actually help anyone.

We appreciate your patience as our dust settles and look forward to getting back to great response times – within a business day – and even more helpful responses when you guys follow the suggestions above.

Have a great weekend!

Watch closely at Documentary Club

Are you a fan of The Corporation or Mondovino? If so, come join, a network for people who “like watching documentaries discussing and sharing their suggestions, opinions, and of course — documentaries.”

Much like a book club, members of meet online to analyze and discuss specific documentaries assigned in advance. With suggestions for the first documentary only a few weeks old, subsequent discussions on each movie picked are already heating up.

If you’d like to explore recommended documentaries not currently being discussed, look to the Suggested Film List for ideas. Links to each movie point to their internet movie database listing, where more information can be found.

For the casual film-goer or accomplished auteur, check out!

Expand and enrich your online conversation

If you aren’t certain whether you want to expand your online conversation, take a look at Spark Social Media’s splash page to find out what that means! Managing Director Leif Hansen welcomes all to the network with a selection of what Spark Social Media has to offer.

Watch our collection of social media tutorial videos
Read hot news from our collection of aggregated social media blogs
Meet other members and participate in the forums
Join specific social media groups (podcasting, socialnetworking, etc.)
Learn from a growing Social Media Wiki/Glossary
Checkout some Spark Event Photos

And he’s right, Spark Social Media offers all this and more. There is an Event listing, currently featuring the upcoming New Media Expo on August 14. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can join the network to met other members who might be attending.

To find ‘a collaboration of social media professionals and enthusiasts dedicated to helping you discover, understand and implement the most interactive new media available to help ‘expand and enrich the conversation’ around your business, organization or other project.” look to Spark Social Media!

Join the unconference at Baltic Bar Camp

BarCamp is a user-generated conference — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — often focusing on early-stage Web applications, open source technologies, social protocols and open data formats.

BarCamp Baltics is the social network for participants of the un-conference of the same name. Held in February every year, BarCamp 2008 was held in Riga, Latvia and has yet to be announced for 2009.

Representatives from throughout the Baltic region participate. From Azerbaijan to Moldova, groups have been formed focused on various locales in the region.

If you missed this years BarCamp you can relive some of the events at the video section of the network. There are a variety of interviews as well as promotional videos. Photos too, provide a view of the conference, and the area in general.

To learn more about the “social network for participants of new media un-conference,” check out BarCamp Baltics!

Learn and discover at Tenn-Share

Tenn-Share Learn & Discover is a learning program modeled after 23 Things, a program implemented to teach technology skills — specifically Web 2.0 technologies.

are in the midst of Week 4, where they explore “Tennessee stuff.” That is, technologies located in and related to Tennessee. Specific places to explore online include the Tennessee Electronic Library, Volunteer Voices and the Tennessee Virtual Archive. Members discuss these resources in the Tennessee Stuff forum post.

TennShare members don’t just share their thoughts in the forum, they share a rich variety of images. Many are related to Week 2 – Photos, however some just provide a view of life in Tennessee.

If online navigation sounds daunting, fear not, the Tenn-Share team will help! Network Creator James Staub offers his assistance, along with the rest of the Tenn-Share Learn and Discover team – Kyle , Sue, Tricia, Pam and Jenny.

So join those who are already discovering the ways of the web at Tenn-Share!

Ludington Talks

Ludington, Mi. is a beautiful waterfront town on the shores of Lake Michigan. And Ludington Talks is the online network where residents or visitors of Ludington can share, discuss and debate.

And share they do. The network boasts nearly 2,000 photos, showing off the beauty of the area as well as small-town life. The intersection of these can be seen in photos from this past Fourth of July — the parade is covered, as well as the sunset on the lake.

Local topics are covered in the forum. The most popular category is Michigan Economy, a hot topic throughout the Great Lakes State. Currently featured is a discussion regarding the Great Lakes water supply. The Great Lakes contain 22 percent of Earth’s fresh water — no slight amount! The future of this resource affects not just Michigan natives, it impacts the entire geographic region.

Learn about the West Michigan landscape at Ludington Talks!

Expand your world at Recruiter Earth

Relationships are key in recruiting, so it’s natural to see recruiting networks popping up. One rising to the top is Recruiter Earth, a career social network. Recruiter Earth is linked to Recruiter Life magazine; Network Creator Chris LaVoie is a partner in the magazine. Both the magazine and network benefit from this connection, sharing readers and members.

The contest running on the network is certainly contributing to its growth as well. Get the most people signed up in the next 90 days, and you could end up in Hawaii! The winner also gets access to an online candidate database, which offers a long-term reward for this competition.

The forum provides a great place for members to talk recruiting. Open roles are shared, and partnerships offered. More specific information is shared in groups, where people can find their specialty, be it healthcare or construction.

Find your specialty, and maybe a trip to Hawaii, at Recruiter Earth!

How will YOU change the world?

What is FightWithTools? It is the latest album from the Flobots, and their Street Team social network. What is Street Team? They put it best:

We are a community of empowered music fans dedicated to turning the power of the music into positive actions for social change. Street Team wants you to Wake UP, Activate, Transform, and Step UP to be the change you want.

FightWithTools are looking for three commitments for 2008. First, register to vote — and vote on election day. Second, create something that represents your priorities – video, song, photo or poem. Share your creation on FightWithTools or! Finally, encourage others to get involved, create and vote.

The upcoming Wake Up Weekend will be the kick-off to their national voter registration drive. To participate, join your local group and start communicating with others to get organized. If you don’t see your area represented, reach out to Seth and he’ll hook you up with a new group.

Not sure you want to commit to a group? Take a look at events – regional planning and voter registration events open for participation. Or, join the forum discussions on Organizing, Engagement and Responsibility.’

Do your part to change the world at FightWithTools!