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Transforming the urban landscape at PARK(ing) Day

PARK(ing) Day Network

PARK(ing) Day is a one day collaboration between artists, activits and citizens to “transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.” Participants pay the meter of a parking space, then turn that space into a temporary public park. Begun in 2005 by San Francisco art and design studio Rebar, PARK(ing) Day aims to draw attention to the need for more urban open space. The PARK(ing) Day social network brings together people interested in participating in the event.

A slideshow of photos from past PARK(ing) Day events is posted front and center on the main page, helping visitors and new members quickly get a sense of what the event and social network are all about. On the social network, members join groups based on their location to organize their temporary parks. PARK(ing) Day falls on Friday, September 18th, so members are taking advantage of the resources posted on the social network to plan their parks.

Orange County moms connect at OC Mamma

OC Mamma

OC Mamma is a social network for moms in Orange County, California. Members share photos of their little ones, and the most recent photos are displayed in a photo slideshow at the top of the middle column on the Main page. Using the Tab Manager, Network Creator Arianne has changed the name of the Members tab to “Hot OC Mammas” because her social network is “for all of the hip, gorgeous mammas in the OC.”

In the discussion forum, they share tips on good doctors, preschools, and nannies. Members also actively blog on OC Mamma, writing about everything from great deals on cribs to summer activities for kids to introducing themselves and their kids.

A place for climbers in York - Welcome to

Walking, climbing, and mountaineering enthusaists in York, UK connect at York Climbers. On the social network, members organize events like weekend camping meets, and climbing trips to several different locations, including training sessions at an indoor rock wall.

Photos on York Climbers allow members to show off their skills as well as some gorgeous scenery. Member Julian Oldmeadow even posted an album of photos from his recent trip to Mount Everest. The Blogs section is a great place to find highlights from climbing outings around the world.

MIXTERMINAL.COM - The Ultimate DJ Network Hub is all about the future of DJing. This social network connects DJs and allows them to show of their skills. Members discuss the newest music they’re enjoying and how to break into the business in the Forum on

Members actively blog on, writing about everything from their favorite Michael Jackson mixtapes to hip hop news and commentary. They also upload photos of themselves in action, like this shot of member DJ Psycho spinning at a basketball game.

Live print at is “for the print addict in all of us.” Members, or Junkies as they’re called on this social network, can access the directory of great and free tutorials compiled here and buy apparel. They can also find information on upcoming events, like web seminars and printing industry trade shows and conferences.

In the discussion forum, topics range from green initiatives to the best yearbook printers to the difference between flat sheet litho and web litho. frequently runs contests on their social network, a great way to drive member participation. Today is the last day for members to enter the T-Shirt Design Contest. The winning design will be printed and distributed at the Print Solutions Conference and Expo in October.

Locals connect at - Invite Your Friends!

Oceanside is a city in San Diego County, California, and is the social network for residents. Members of the social network share photos and videos from around town, including this clip from this year’s Oceanside Ironman competition. Groups like the Running Club, Workout Partners, and the Oside Book Club help people meet neighbors with their interests.

Members of also share tons of local happenings in the Events section. This month, locals can enter the Oceanside Outdoor Sculpture Competition, check out short plays at the Sunshine Brooks Theatre, or attend the ball at the Oceanside Museum of Art. This Sunday also marks the beginning of the Jazz at the Beach concert series. A text box at the top of the middle column on promotes the event, a great way to further feature and highlight important happenings on the social network.

The Beacon Citizen Network - the beacon citizen network | beacon, ny is a social network for people in and around Beacon, New York. Photos from out and about in Beacon are posted to discuss everything from the town’s new bagel shop and the ambiance of certain neighborhoods to praise for the local library and requests for doctor recommendations.

The Events section on is full of local happenings. Members can check out a concert series at the Piggy Bank restaurant, participate in annual swim across the Hudson River to Newburgh, and celebrate at the Beacon Block Party. The purpose of the social network is to connect neighbors to share news and events, so they’ve used the Tab Manager to rename the Members tab to “Citizens.”

Women writers connect at She Writes

She Writes

She Writes is a social network for “women writers working in every genre, in every part of the world and of all ages and backgrounds.” From published authors to people who write for fun, She Writes seeks to bring together anyone with a passion for writing. Members have organized into groups based on specific interest or location, from bloggers to memoir writers to members in New York.

She Writes showcases the books members have published at the top of the main page, allowing members to do a bit of promotion and also encouraging those who haven’t yet been published. They’re also organizing a number of workshops to help members grow as writers, like the upcoming Twitter for Writers and Blogging for Writers live webcasts.

Fit Cysters

Fit Cysters

Fit Cysters is a social network for women living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. PCOS can affect a woman’s heart and ability to have children, but making positive lifestyle changes can control and alleviate symptoms. On Fit Cysters, members participate in a PCOS “boot camp” to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

Each week, a new workout is posted in the Events section of the social network. Using the Tab Manager, they’ve renamed the Events tab to “Challenges” to reflect this. Videos detailing fitness moves are posted to the social network, as well as photos tracking members’ progress.

ASPCA Online Community

ASPCA Online Community

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Animals, or ASPCA, runs the ASPCA Online Community, a social network for animal lovers everywhere. Nearly 26,000 members have joined, forming over 800 special interest Groups. There are groups for specific types or breeds of animals, like the Catsville and Pit Bull groups. There are also groups for people who have taken in strays and for members who want to remember their beloved pets who have passed. Over 93,000 photos have been added to the ASPCA Online Community, many of them portraying members’ pets.

They’ve integrated the ASPCA main website and social network a few ways. First, they’ve used a similar appearance including a consistent logo and tabbed navigation across both websites. Using the Tab Manager, they’ve added a tab to the social network that points to Finally, a text box with an image encouraging visitors to donate to the ASPCA is displayed prominently on both the main website and the social network.