More power to your community management experience with Ning 2.0 updates!

As 3.0 users have the possibility to use Groups and Events features free of charge, we decided that 2.0 users should enjoy this opportunity too!

Meeting Creator’s expectations is what Ning is all about – and 2.0 users are our most seasoned and long-time supporters. Many of you have been loyal to the company for more than a decade. We highly appreciate your contribution, and value our long-term partnership. That is why, striving to be responsive to your experience, we decided to waive Groups and Event fees for all 2.0 users.

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Erika Gessin

Ning at Social Media Week: Trends and the Future of Social Media

Last week, Ning was at Social Media Week in San Francisco, driving great conversations with thought leaders in the social media space. We had the opportunity to curate a series of panel sessions designed to identify and discuss emerging trends and topics that have an impact on the way we use social media today.

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