Network Creator Safety and Policy Resources

As a Network Creator, your social network is yours. You’re responsible for managing it in all respects, including your members’ content and conduct. But that doesn’t mean we can’t point you in the right direction! We recognize that managing a social network can be a huge task, so please take a look at these articles for the best tips and tricks for issues regarding safety, security and general management.

Your Ning Network

  1. Maintaining a Safe Network for Members
  2. Protecting Network and Member Information
  3. Preventing Inappropriate Content
  4. Policy on Pornography, Adult Content and Nudity
  5. Third Party Application Developer Terms of Service
  6. Ning Trademark Policy
  7. Ning Privacy Policy
  8. Ning Terms of Service
  9. Ning Billing and Refund Policy
  10. Ning Applications Terms of Service
  11. DMCA Notification Guidelines – Copyright 2017