Keep up with your social network from your iPhone
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Every social network on Ning comes with an iPhone interface, which is great when you want to keep up with your social network when not at your computer. Using this interface, members with iPhones can access a simplified version of your social network that looks great, matches your social network’s colors and loads quickly, even on a 2G iPhone.

To access the iPhone interface, you simply need to add /m to the URL of your social network. For example, to access Brooklyn Art Project on an iPhone, you would head to #m

Using the iPhone interface, you can view photos on the social network, and photos will even rotate to accommodate the direction in which the phone is being held. You can also view embedded YouTube videos and scroll, over multiple pages, through your social network’s Latest Activity.

After scouring recent activity, photos and videos, you can browse members of your social network — and add people as friends or leave comments on their profile pages. And your social network’s forum is completely accessible on the iPhone interface. You can start a discussion or reply to existing discussions. Check back tomorrow for ideas on letting your members know about this feature.