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Nick Barr
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No one likes spam, especially us. It makes for a less-than-awesome Ning Network experience for members and makes a Network Creator’s life harder than it needs to be. While we’ve been building spam prevention into more and more elements of the Ning Platform, we’re constantly looking to drive more spam prevention projects that make Ning even better. Some of these projects are obvious and others are behind-the-scenes. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate spam on your Ning Network before it ever gets there.

In the obvious category of projects, we’ll be rolling out email verification and a new and improved CAPTCHA across Ning Networks next week.

New members on a Ning Network will now verify their email addresses when they sign up. After entering their email address, password, birthday and the CAPTCHA, they’ll be sent a verification email. By clicking a link in the email they receive, they can finish signing up for the Ning Network. Additionally, all current members will need to verify their email address once if they join a new Ning Network.

Here’s what members will see when they are asked to verify:

Verify Your Email Address-1

Just like the sign-up page, this new email verification page will be themed for the Ning Network. And, once an email address is confirmed on one Ning Network, it’s confirmed for all, which means this is a simple, one-time process. By ensuring that new members are signing up with email addresses they actually own, you can also be sure that your broadcast messages and other email notifications are reaching members.

We’re also improving our CAPTCHA system. The CAPTCHA is the code of numbers and letters that new members fill in to confirm that they’re real people on the sign up page.

Together, email verification and an improved CAPTCHA will go a long way in ensuring that members are real people who are going to contribute to the Ning Network in positive ways. If you have any questions about either of these improvements, please let us know in the comments or the Ning Help Center!