Redesigned is now live

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Along with launching our brand-new Ning Creators Network today, we’ve also updated the design and layout of As we first posted here, this is the first step of a redesigned that will be focused on Ning Network discovery, Ning Network management and no default Ning-wide profiles.

We’ll have more on this update soon, so stay tuned. Thanks!

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31 thoughts on “Redesigned is now live

  1. Agnes

    I liked much more the old one, especially I miss the feature that permitted to see from ning profile the friends requests on ning sites

    as I disactivated all the emails (the selective notifications did not work, I received emails also for disactivated ones) I have no idea of friends requests.

    please give us the feature again!


  2. Taylor

    Thanks for the work you put in Ning Team. I like how there are real people behind such a big platform.

    I like the fact that there is now added security to our networks.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Yao,

    These options are available on any Ning Network you are a member of, not on If you have additional questions that you need help with, feel free to drop us a note in the Ning Help Center where we can give you one on one assistance.


  4. Yao


    These are the following choices (copied and pasted) under “settings”:

    Invitations to Join Ning Networks
    Yes No

    Friend Requests
    Yes No

    Group Invitations
    Yes No

    Event Invitations
    Yes No

    Application Alerts
    Yes No

    Exactly which one of those would I check “yes” in order to receive emails notifying me of any emails I have received in any of my groups?

  5. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Yao,

    If you click on your Settings page and then click on Email, you’ll see different options for managing emails coming from Groups. The three you’ll want to take note of are the options to receive emails when there is:

    A message from one of my groups

    A group invitation

    Activity in a group

    In any given group, you can also choose to follow it from the group page, which will send you an email when people comment within the group.

  6. Yao

    Laura, I don’t see an option to have emails sent to me notifying me if I receive emails in any of my groups. I see about 5 different options i.e. friend requests, event invitations, ning network invitations, group invitations & application alerts.


  7. alexander lynch

    to me it very sad everytime i come on now i cannot see my friends i cannot even see my ning profile any more i cannot even join other ning site every other day ning is changing something so what is next on the ning network u guys going to take down next…mmmmmmmmmm i guest we just have to wait n see huh

  8. Noorullah

    likte dette system ,,, men vi må ha også sånn system når mann kommenterer et bilde må få mann en crdit:)

  9. Echo

    Laura, Is ning also considering bringing back our friends profiles? If not why? It seemed so practical to have that feature. Echo

  10. carmen

    hi to everyone,
    are not very happy about the change. Before I had the opportunity to invite my friends on my ning site, now I can not do that. I take this opportunity to ask why some groups within my ning not updated, even if you add photos or comments. Let me explain, even if I add pictures today 11 November, some groups remain stationary on 7 November. Can you fix this problem?

  11. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Eloy,

    We don’t have a feature built in for finding new Ning Networks to join right now, but as GIna mentioned above, we’re working on rolling out a new Ning Network Discovery feature shortly.

  12. Eloy

    Is there any way for me to find new networks that are created by others?
    For example, is there a way for me to find a network devoted to World War II to exchange photos and videos?

  13. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Yao,

    The best way to see if you have friend request or messages on one of your Ning Networks is to make sure you’ve enabled email notifications. That way you’ll receive an email for every request and invite!


  14. Yao

    Ok, so now how am I gonna see if I have emails or friend requests awaiting me in any one of my 40 something groups?

  15. Michael Goebel


    I think it is a great shame that our ning profile pages have been deleted. It seems that day by day, all the wonderful features we used to have are being removed.

    Is there no other way to combat those who do the wrong thing ?

    I fail to see how not being able to search ning networks can help anyone…

  16. Echo

    Gina, I am a huge fan of ning. I believe your site is top in communication world wide. I just hope you don’t take this away from us. I enjoyed the idea that I could find my friends on the main page. I could see if they had responded to my groups or networks. I will sit back enjoy the ride and hope it isn’t too bumpy. I brag about this site all the time. I know you all work hard to make it what it is. Echo

  17. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Mike,

    Right now, we don’t have an integrated way for you to discover new Ning Networks to join (though you can always check out the Ning Blog, where we highlight some of our favorites). That said, adding new ways to find Ning Networks you might be interested is one of the next steps for

    In terms of staying in touch with your friends, you can do that directly on any Ning Network you are a members.


  18. Mike

    Gina, thanks for the comments but how do i find new social networks? I think that it will be hard to find all my friends again but i have a core of about 10 friends but its very sad that the functionality has become so limited,

    Please advise best ways to stay in touch with friends .. Thanks

  19. Ariel Ballinger

    Does these mean that i can’t talk to any of my friends that are ning? Or does this mean that I need to not get on this site anymore or what does it mean? By the way my name is Ariel. Hope to here what is going on.

    1. Gina Bianchini


      It means that we are no longer showing Ningwide friends but that they still exist when you join new Ning Networks or visit your existing Ning Networks, both of which are shown on You just need to go directly to the Ning Network to interact with your friends.


  20. Thiago Santos de Moraes

    Thank you for your attention Gina. One of the things that I like in Ning is the access to real people in the administration.

  21. Xenaholic Productions

    Will you be reinstating the “activity” screen for each network that was featured on the main page?

    I used this to check all of the networks I joined.

  22. Thiago Santos de Moraes

    If you want to remove these functionallities, all right. But, following the policy of Ning, you should give advance notice to us and we will find another way to store such information.

    1. Gina Bianchini

      Hey All – this was a case where we had legitimate reasons for not pre-announcing this change. Let me take you through our rationale:

      1. This was a change that had little-to-no impact on your Ning Network directly and wasn’t core to how the vast majority of people use Ning today.

      2. Much more importantly, the features on were primarily being used by people moving from one illegal Ning Network to another. By pre-announcing this change, we would have ensured that these people breaking the law would have an opportunity to regroup and find other options. That’s not in anyone’s interest except the people doing illegal things on Ning.

      The things that are no longer available on are profiles, search for Ning Networks and friends across Ning. Ning Networks are still there so if you aren’t seeing that you are on a Ning Network, you may just be on the “Networks I’ve Created” vs. the “Networks I’ve Joined” tabs. We’ll be rolling out a new Ning Network Discovery feature shortly.

      When given the choice, we will always look to provide as much notice as possible of changes to Ning and our 24 hour commitment stands for your Ning Network. This was an unusual case, but a legitimate one, nonetheless.


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