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Today, we run Google Ads on the right-hand side of Ning Networks that don’t have the Go Ad-Free premium service.

Starting this Wednesday November 4, you may notice some changes to the ads that display in this right-hand column. We will start mixing in display ads, along with the contextual text ads that you currently see. We will also start targeting ads separately to Network Creators and members, so you may begin soon to see ads that only you as the Network Creator are seeing from Ning.

While these display ads may not be as targeted as the Google Ads you are used to seeing on your Ning Network, this is a first step in our experimentation with driving highly targeted ads of multiple types – image, text or more dynamic types – later. As we experiment with new ads in this real estate and closely monitor the data we collect, we’ll keep you updated with what to expect.

And as always, you can remove the ads and even run your own by purchasing the Go Ad-Free premium service, which you can do from your Manage page by choosing the Premium Service link. Thanks!

Update 4:15, Pacific, Nov. 4: We’ve heard from some of you that the ads you were seeing displayed on your Ning Network were either un-targeted or not appropriate. We’ve removed the display ads while we research how to better target ads to the topic and content of your Ning Network. We’ll update this blog post — and add a new one, too — when we have new information on changes to default ads.

Update 5:15, Pacific, Nov. 10: We’re going to begin testing out display ads on a batch of Ning Networks on Nov. 11.