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Little more than a month ago, we rolled out sweeping changes to your Ning Network’s Terms of Service. As promised, I’m happy to announce that Networks Creators can now customize the terms that apply to your network and your members.

Here’s how it works.

Every Ning Network has a simplified, two-page Terms of Service at the bottom of each page. By default, these Terms include a number of items that aren’t ever permitted on the Ning Platform. You cannot edit these items. But you can now add additional terms that suit your Network’s particular design or focus. For example, a neighborhood-based network may want to limit membership to people living within a certain area.

While the default Terms are always in English, you can use the new ability to add your own Terms to provide Terms in whatever language fits best for your Ning Network.

Customize your own Terms of Service
Head to your “My Network” tab and you’ll see a new “Terms of Service” link in the “Settings” section. Click it, and you’ll be taken to the new Terms of Service page.

You’ll see the default terms at the bottom of the page. You’ll also see a large text box, where you can add your own Terms of Service. Anything added to this box will be displayed on your network’s Terms of Service page, above the generic terms.

You can even preview what you’ve written without saving, to see what your terms look like when combined with the generic terms. These changes should provide you even more freedom and control over your Ning Network, and make it easier to ensure a positive experience for your members.