Junaid Basir
Junaid Basir
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We are happy to announce a new feature that allows you to make corrections and other copy editing changes to member content. This has been a huge ask from many Network Creators; to effectively manage your Ning Network, you need the ability to make copy edits and corrections to content your members create. Making such changes has been a very tedious process in the past. Your only options were to either contact and ask your member to edit the content (potentially a time consuming process) or delete the content (too strict in most cases).

We’ve made this easier with a new feature launch. You can now conveniently make appropriate edits to the content created by members on your network, including: Photos, Videos, Events, Blog posts and Forum discussions. You also have the ability to edit comments that members make to forum discussions.

When you visit a member content page now, you will see the option to Edit it, just like you see today when you create your own content. When you click to edit, you’ll see the content edit page where you can make the appropriate changes and save them.

As a Network Creator you also have the ability to give this permission to your trusted administrators or moderators, if you wish. To do this just go to “My Network” and click the “Controls” link under Content section in the left hand navigation. On this page there are two check box options under “Edit Content Permissions”:

  • Allow administrators to edit member content
  • Allow moderators to edit member content they are moderating

These options enable administrators or moderators to edit member content respectively. Please note that you have to explicitly enable these settings since they are not on by default.


We hope you find this feature useful in managing your Network more effectively. Please stay tuned as we push out even more changes to give you better control over your Network and your content.