Introducing Ning Apps for your Ning Network!

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Ning Apps, available today on your Ning Network. As a social platform, we’re finding that each interest and passion requires a unique combination of features. Ning Apps dramatically expand the quantity and quality of the features available on your Ning Network, and allow you to engage even further with your members.

Today you can choose from more than 90 Ning Apps, and that’s just the beginning. This number will continue to grow as developers here at Ning and around the world build additional Ning Apps tailored around your interests and passions.

Every Ning App has been developed to integrate beautifully with your Ning Network. This means that the Ning Apps you add will be a natural extension of your Ning Network. For example, the Cartfly App on the Ning Network below automatically takes on its theme (click the image to see a full-size screenshot):


In addition to matching the look and feel of your Ning Network, Ning Apps can also post updates to the Latest Activity on your Main Page. For example, if you upload a new item to your Cartfly shop, this will create an activity item on your My Page and the Main Page. Both members and Network Creators will have fine-grained control over whether or not their Ning Apps send updates to Latest Activity. For more information about managing the settings of your Ning Apps, check out our article here.

To get started today, sign into your Ning Network and click the new “Ning Apps” icon in the Manage page. From here, click “Add Ning App” to automatically add a new tab to your Ning Network for the Ning App that you’ve selected. Just like your other tabs, you’ll be able to organize and rearrange how your Ning Apps are displayed with the Tab Manager. Here’s how the Tab Manager will look with Ning Apps enabled (click the image to see a full-size screenshot):

Tab Manager

If the Ning App has a Profile View for members, it will also automatically get added to their My Apps page which we talk about in detail here. For more information about adding and organizing your Ning Apps, see our article here in the Ning Help Center.

You can also see the complete list of Ning Apps in the Ning Apps Directory (click the image to visit the Ning Apps Directory):


From the Ning Directory, you can check out more than 90 Ning Apps for Collaboration, Communication, E-Commerce, Fun and Games, and Fundraising. We’ve also created “Featured” and “Staff Picks” categories so you can quickly see the cream of the crop. This list will grow as developers continue to build Ning Apps tailored around your passions and interests.

If you want to see Ning Apps in action, we’ve set up a Ning Network where you can try out some of the featured Ning Apps and see if they might be a good addition to your Ning Network. Here on the Ning Blog, we’ll be spotlighting some of our favorite Ning Apps in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you’ve found a Ning App that’s perfect for your Ning Network, we’d love to feature your story on the Ning Blog and share it with Network Creators everywhere.

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73 thoughts on “Introducing Ning Apps for your Ning Network!

  1. Kit Coyote

    Many of my users were using an app called Pokebuddy that created a little animated avatar on their profile page. Now with this implementation that avatar has been relegated to the My Apps link and no longer appears on the profile page. My users HATE IT. I am getting inundated with complaints by folks wanting their Pokebuddy avatar back on the Profile page and not hidden behind a link. I’ve tried and tried to fix this but cannot. Is there going to be some fix to allow apps back on the other pages?

  2. Caledobook

    Hi Laura, thanks for your help,

    As many says, we should be able to choose where to put our apps, i’ve got complains too. Please, let members decides where they want to put their apps!

  3. Baller Alert


    The dating application..I understand ads but their ads are so noisy. Maybe talk to him about turning the noise off. Everytime you vote it says “you’ve won”. They should not have three ads on this application. That is over the top!

    Application wishlist is a Share it, or retweet button.

  4. Barney Lerten

    So far, I’m batting about .500 with apps working – no matter how I configure Hulu it gives me an HTTP 500 error – and PollDaddy has landed on a big ‘oops’ page after I tried to sign up within the app.
    NewsShare seems OK though, as does Twitter Tracker.
    Oh well, birthing pains I suppose. Onward!

  5. Tom Britt

    Love the new features. I know you have the “Contact Page” by Apps, they have been saying for a long time that you are also rolling out their “Classifieds” app as a ning app. Can you confirm this? If so, when do you plan to roll it out? It works great for classified ads and also business directories.

  6. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Tom!

    We are already offering a Classifieds app. It’s called “Marketplace” and you can find it on the second page of the featured Apps on the Ning Apps directory. If you want additional features on the Marketplace Ning App, you can contact the developer directly and pass on your ideas and suggestions.


  7. Gignetwork

    This is crazy cool well done you guys… question is this: “Where can i find a developer to write an application for me and my team?”

    Timmy Edgar

  8. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Timmy!

    That’s a great question. Ning Apps are developed using OpenSocial. Any developer familiar with OpenSocial should be able to create a Ning App. You can find more info about the development process at


  9. Tim Beveridge

    Hi. I’m wondering if I can add a Ning App to the hompage of my network. It’d be great to be able to add a twitter feed for a search or a question for a poll for example.

  10. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Tim,

    There isn’t a Main Page option right now for Ning Apps, but one good idea we’ve heard is to add an image/screenshot of your Ning Apps to a text box and then link to the tab where it’s available.

    Hope that helps!


  11. Kelly Starman-Brown

    Are we going to be able to access “who’s online” – where it shows the people online at the top of your main page kinda of in a revolving slideshow?

    I have seen it on several pages and am very interested in it.

  12. Jeff Lynn

    I think Ning should spend more time continuing to develop their own Apps that are hosted on Ning and that have access to your network’s database so that when your members post something it shows their avatar and links back to their profile. This would make Ning the best content management system on the web hands down! .. but these 3rd party apps are a very messy and a lazy way of offering us low quality features.

    The Ning platform is amazing and it’s own apps are very nice like the blog, forum, groups, videos, Events, Chat, Status, and pages apps.

  13. miceli antonella

    ciao sono antonella ma si puo mettere una chat piu carina sulla pagina datemi una risposta grazie da antonella

  14. Francis Tebau

    Hi, just wondering if I could add a new feature to my network. for example, I want to add a video chat to my network but couldn’t find it. I have seen different networks with video chats and I hope I could put one on mine.

    Thanks, looking forward to hear from you.

  15. Karin

    Is there a way to add Opensocial Network Ning Tabs, for instance, I’ve been trying to add a Buddy Poke Tab and I don’t want to allow members to add their own apps

  16. Chris

    > we’ve set up a Ning Network where you can try out some of the featured Ning Apps

    Actually not, since it is invitation-only.

  17. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Chris,

    After leaving that Ning Network up for about a month, we stopped allowing new members to join, since it was really just to give people a place to check out what they were all about.

    I’d encourage you to experiment with adding them to your own Ning Network, or see how they look on — there are two under “Creator Pulse.”

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