Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
Add a store to your Ning Network
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Your Ning Network can be a place to see beautiful images, set out on new adventures and connect with other members around shared interests. It can also be a place to make a little extra cash. Included in our Ning Apps launch from last month are several Ning Apps that you can use to sell products directly from your Ning Network. For example, Every Day Moms is using the Sellit Ning App to sell homemade crocheted gifts, directly from its Shops tab.

Sellit - EverydayMoms

It takes only a few steps to add a store to your Ning Network.

First, click on the Manage tab and select the Ning Apps icon. From there, choose the commerce Ning App you want to add (a complete list is located in the E-Commerce section). In this example, we’ll use the Sellit Ning App. Once you add Sellit, you can set up your store by adding the URL for a Cartfly, Etsy, Yahoo, or CafePress store. After you register your store, you’ll be ready to start selling items directly through your Ning Network.

Sellit - For Sale

If you don’t already have a store through one of these services set up, you may want to look in to the CartFly Ning App. Using CartFly, you can directly upload items to sell to members of your Ning Network. Other money-making Ning Apps can be found in the E-Commerce section of the Ning Apps directory; options include ShopIt and Netcarnation Marketplace.