Expanding on Ning Mini: a Few New Details Added by Request

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We’re getting closer to the launch of our new pricing plans on July 20th, and I’d like to take a few minutes to provide Network Creators with several additional details about the transition process for those of you who are interested in purchasing the Ning Mini plan.

We’ve heard a lot of feedback from Network Creators over the last two months. A number of you who are planning on choosing the Ning Mini plan expressed concern about what will happen to your customized CSS and Text Boxes, as well as what you should do if your membership level is currently above the 150 Ning Mini limit. We’ve been listening diligently, and based on your feedback have made a few adjustments to the Ning Mini plan that I think many of you will be happy to hear:

  • If you currently have between 151 and 400 members, you will still be able to choose the Ning Mini plan. However, you won’t be able to approve additional members until your membership level drops below 150. Your Members page will show the most recent 150 members. Note, if you have more than 400 members, you won’t be able to purchase Ning Mini. You will need to reduce your Ning Network to 400 members before selecting Ning Mini.
  • If you have customized your current network with CSS, JavaScript, or by making changes to the Language Editor, these changes will remain in place. However, since the Advanced Appearance Box, Analytics Box, and the Language Editor won’t be available to Ning Mini subscribers, you won’t be able to make further edits. You will be able to erase the CSS or JavaScript, or you can simply revert to the defaults built-in to the Language Editor, if you so choose.
  • Similarly, if you currently have more than three Text Boxes or one RSS feed on your Main Page, these will remain in place. However, you won’t be able to make edits until you have reduced the number of Main Page Text Boxes to three or RSS feeds to one.
  • Finally, we’d like Ning Mini subscribers to have the ability to install Ning Apps like our recently well-received revenue-generating apps. To help out on that front, Ning Mini subscribers will be able to install up to two Ning Apps.

Stay tuned to the Announcement Page for updates, and let us know if we can help you choose the right plan. You can email us with your questions about the plans at planquestions@ning.com.

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40 thoughts on “Expanding on Ning Mini: a Few New Details Added by Request

  1. Demet Yelder

    Yes, I would like to have chat option for mini programm too, when it was free we had that option. As soon as I paid the mini plan chat window is dissepeared.
    many thanks.


  2. mountain12

    If you add chat to the mini plan, I will pay for it. It is needed to be a social network for its members.

  3. mountain12

    Just a few comments. I also think chat should be added to the mini plan. A social website isnt social without it. Also, I have noticed that many of the apps do not work and or the size of some are not right. Many of them you only see 1/2 of the app once it is loaded. The width is the problem, expecially the poker games, you only see 1/2 of the game, which makes it unplayable. I think all apps should be fully checked out before you start charging the new plans next month.

  4. Dolores Tal cual

    Hola, estoy interesada en acogerme al plan mini, soy creadora de una red, llamada SINGLES VLC_RINCON DE LOS AMIGOS… Mi desconocimiento en su idioma, me hace imposible saber que hacer para inscribirme. Desearia que por favor, me indicaran los pasos a seguir a ser posible en castellano o español.
    Esperando noticias suyas, quedo a su entera disposición.
    Un cordial saludo: Dolores Tal Cual

  5. Matt

    Hi Eric,

    I still don’t understand why Ning won’t let itself make more money by allowing NCs to pay for some additional options. Fact: No teacher will ever choose anything but the mini. BUT, I would be willing to pay an extra dollar per month for more text boxes. I seriously think you should entertain the idea of a la carte add-ons. You’d make more money….I promise.

    Also, I am mortified by some of the postings on here… I’m hoping these aren’t teachers posting incomprehensible questions, repeating previously resolved questions, or showing that they haven’t read the materials you’ve clearly posted by asking questions answered all over your site.

    Thank you.

    1. Eric Suesz

      l’ll be sure to pass along the a la carte idea. It’s been suggested by others, as you may imagine. It’s not something we have planned, but perhaps it’s something we can consider in the future.

  6. Le Scap

    I can’t believe the music player won’t work with the mini plan. I’ve been using ning to display my music for quite some time. I was happy to support ning for all the good service it has giving me to date, I feel they deserved to get 25$ a years altho I could have just have jumped to one of the many other available free way to display my music. What sence does it make to charge 500$ a year to unable a basic music player? I feel I’m only one of many people who would have purchase the mini plan if it would have included a music player but will now just jump to a free service. It makes no sense to the point I gotta believe I misunderstood and that somehow we will be able to have the music player, so what’s up with that?

    1. Eric Suesz

      Bonjour, Le Scap. I’m a serious music nerd, so I understand that music can be very important. Large libraries of music files can be quite large. Hosting them isn’t ultimately free. As an alternative, if you can find a music player that will host all of your music files (or favorite songs, etc.) online you could embed that player in a Text Box. I haven’t found a great music player offered for free by another service for this purpose, but if you want more ideas from other folks, you can always join us on the Creators Ning Network.

  7. Gillian

    Damn… no ‘events’ listing on the mini plan. That’s the main feature we use. Along with the forum. We’ll try listing events in the forum section, but I’ll be looking around for another platform for our small group.

  8. Danielle

    Okay I’m kinda miffed, I spend alot of time on ning and the sites we have created are small but mean alot, but do not have the funds for ning pro or plus (Which I might add are a ridiculous price for people to page, due to it being free for so long). I would pay for the mini, but it does not include the chat on the main page am I right? And the price difference between mini and plus is far too much, and alot of other ning newwork creators feel the same.

  9. Jan Burch

    Thanks for the info Eric.

    By “wish list”, I guess I meant Ning wish list, not Plan wish list. But some of my thoughts are related to the plans.

    For example, I’ll be using a mini-ning for now, but I use the Language Editor. However, I would not have to use the LE at all if Ning offered NCs the ability to completely rename a feature (such as Blog to Journal). Today we can rename the tab, but we have to use the LE to rename the feature everywhere it occurs.

    Is there a place to submit a suggestion like that one?

    Thanks. You are very helpful!

  10. Darryl Kotz

    So if I have the Events feature on my current Ning site will that be available if I go with the Ning Mini plan or will I need the Ning Plus plan? Please confirm for me.

  11. Lustato Tenterrara

    Thanks, Eric.

    I liked of the your answer.

    Lustato Tenterrara

  12. Ms. Murphy

    I set up a Ning group for each of my school’s School Improvement Plan action team’s, ie. ELA, Math, and
    PBIS (our student support team). They each have small membeships-well below the 150 mark even if the members from all 3 groups were totaled together. At one point I heard that a corporation was going to pick up the fees for ed. groups with small memberships, but I haven’t heard anything more about that. I do NOT want to ask my fellow teachers and the administrators of my school to pay a fee to continue to have the 3 separate groups. If sponsorship isn’t going to happen, can I somehow combine all 3 groups, rename it, and then pay the Ning Mini-group fee myself?

  13. Jan Burch

    Hi Eric,
    You wrote “Yes! As we note in our FAQs we will be providing test Ning Networks.” Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t find anything on that page about test Ning Networks.

    Is there a place to send our wish list for the new plans?


    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, Jan. “Network Creators will be offered a way to test out changes before they are applied to their Ning Network.” You can read more about test networks on the Creators Ning Network here.

      There are no wish lists for the plans. They are set. Hope this helps.

  14. Epiphane ADJADJI

    Could you tell if with the new plan all the free ning will be canceled automatically if I do not have the means to upgrade or effect payments for the Mini Ning starting on the 20th of July?


  15. Chuck Taft

    How about adding the ability to have an embedded chat and groups? These functions are very helpful in may use of Ning in the 8th grade classroom.

  16. Natalia

    I like Ning it works really good for me but I have a suggestion
    The ning mini plan needs the “groups” feature….. The pricing diference between mini and plus es too great so i wont pay it just because I need groups in my network. Still without groups It won`t be good enough. Why the network would be worst when you pay for it (the mini plan) than now that it is free.

    You really can`t include groups in the mini version? That is pushing away a lot of us.

    1. Eric Suesz

      We will begin accepting payments for new plans on July 20th, when the new plans will be available for purchase. You’ll have 30 days after that to make a decision. So, you’ll have until August 20th.

  17. Edward


    I have a few questions:

    1. Is there special pricing for school districts?
    2. Do you plan to have free NINGs for educators?
    3. Do you all accept Puchase Orders for payments?


  18. Jan Burch

    In the past I’ve had 2 Ning websites: one for testing and one for “real”. Are you providing a way for us to test changes before we deploy them to our live websites?

    1. Eric Suesz

      We’ll be offering the new plans on July 20th, at which time you’ll be able to choose a new plan. You’ll have a 30-day grace period to decide.

  19. abi

    i want to manage this account through ning mini plan.. how should i pay amount for that plan??.. reply soon…

    1. Eric Suesz

      We will being accepting payments on July 20th, when the new plans will be available for purchase. You’ll have 30 days after that to make a decision. So, you’ll have until August 20th.

  20. Conectafrica

    Ning Mini seems to unable Groups Feature: a deep weakness for social projects…
    Can you do something about that?

  21. Tom

    Using our own domain names with Ning mini didn’t make the cut? If we are to start small and grow to the plus or pro level, it woul dbe nice to be able to start our SEO and branding efforts right from the start.

  22. Pat

    We are experiencing some problems with our site. Firstly an administrator who chenged her e-mail address on her profile is still getting all the messages going to the original set up e-mail. Doe sanyone know how to stop this? Also some invitiations are expiring after 5 minutes ratehr than 90 days! I have received no response to my question from ning and I fear there is no support out there now – what will it be like when we have to pay and cannot afford the premium plan?

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