Community Story with Mohammad Tariq Malik,
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Every day new network creators come to our platform and start their own social website. There are so many of us today that we decided to tell more about our members. And today we are starting our new topic – Community Story. Our first author is Mohammad Tariq Malik, the founder of

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Mohammad Tariq Malik and I am based in Pakistan.

How did you decide to create your network? What is your community for you?

While I was doing my Master’s in business administration through a virtual networking of education, I missed the access to networking with other students to share knowledge as well as to mingle up with them. This gave me a thought of setting up a virtual networking community which can serve as a platform for future students which I named as VUSTUDENTS. This does not fulfill the gap of a conventional university but nevertheless helps a lot. My community has grown over past 8 years at a very fast rate and I have tried my best to be accessible to every member in supporting them by all means. We are more of a family even though virtually connected.

What can’t you imagine your community without?

Well, every community exists and prospers with its members. So, the members of this community are the makers and developers of this community. Considering them as members of my virtual family, this community is nothing without them.

Can you give us some tips how to build successful community?

Being accessible to everyone, responding to them as frequently as you can and encouraging everyone to share their knowledge or ideas is something that helps in growth of any network. Value addition has to be made to ensure that the network does not get boring and irrelevant. We have focused on sharing knowledge instead of giving the end solution so as to help other students to improve their understanding. The chat option generously offered by NING is of great help allowing members to interact.

Tell us a little about your experience with NING?

My experience has been excellent since the time I started using NING. With continuous development by NING developers, I have been able to deliver and facilitate more every single day. I have seen many plug & play portals allowing users to make their portal but NING stands out away from all of them with the kind of interface, ease of use and brilliant feature of customization to fit the needs of every type of network that one can think of. I believe NING has done excellent work and I am confident that there is much more to come.

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