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Teaching online starts with a website offering a combination of social networking and monetization features. The former allows you to connect with students and optimize the educational process. The latter provides an opportunity to get fairly compensated for your hard work. NING offers both!

The Ultimate Website Building Solution

Detailed Customization
Build a stunning website using beautiful design templates and simple customization tools.
Abundance of Useful Features
Enhance your website functionality with amazing content sharing and networking features.
Total Security
Safe connection through the HTTPS protocol, full control over personal data, and adjustable privacy settings.
Simplified Content Management
Create any number of pages or delete them anytime. Managing website content requires no tech skills at all.
Varied Monetization Options
Monetize your website using three available methods: Paid Access, Paid Membership, and Donations.
24/7 Support
Any problems you might encounter will be efficiently resolved by our professional and friendly support team.
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Teach Online or Facilitate Learning in Many Other Ways!

One website for any educational needs

Become an online tutor
Create a teacher website and share your knowledge with people who’d like to learn from you. Your potential students will find you on the internet as your NING website will appear on search engines like Google. Use the abundance of tools available for teaching, including Forums, Videos, Articles, Live Chat, etc., and earn money by selling your best educational content, charging a membership fee for accessing your network or collecting Donations.
Create a school or college website
Learning is always more efficient when school or college life is extended over to the online dimension. Build a custom social network for students, provide various means for communication with peers and teachers, share news and other engaging content, divide students into member groups by age, major, year of attendance, etc., schedule extracurricular activities, and provide educational materials for free or on paid basis.
Offer training courses
Do you have teaching skills you’d like to apply or know people who offer educational services? Create a network of professional teachers and provide the level of academic training your prospects would be happy to pay for! Administrating courses, connecting with potential students, and sharing training materials is much easier with a social networking website. Earn extra by selling the best educational content or monetizing the entire network.
Create a website
Ready to Become a Successful Online Educator?
Start with creating a social website on NING
Thanks to the power of the internet, education is becoming more accessible and affordable than ever before. As long as you have the connection, you can pick an educational program or training course to your liking and become a specialist in a specific field without even leaving your home.
At the same time, the Internet has opened countless opportunities for teachers, tutors, and coaches to make money by offering knowledge and expertise online.
But where do you start your online teaching practice?
  • You can go to one of these platforms where freelance educators from around the globe offer their services and try your luck there. But do you really want to get involved with all the competition and share your paycheck with the platform owners?
  • Join a company specializing in online academic training. This may ensure a decent income, however, you will still be paid only a small part of the amount the company will actually make from your students.
Alternatively, you can create a teacher website on your own, get in touch with potential customers, and experience all the benefits of running your own enterprise!
If you are ready to start working for yourself and become your own boss, NING is the best partner you can get.
Why NING is the best website builder for teachers?
Consider this!
  • With its help, you can quickly and easily build a professional website packed full with features allowing you to establish your online presence, promote yourself, connect with students, share educational content, provide online training, and monetize your efforts.
  • NING is the best solution for creating a comprehensive education network, school or college website, classroom website or any kind of online education community.
  • Three monetization options allow you to choose the optimal way of making money:
    • Paid Access: Secure your best educational materials with paywalls; sell your intellectual property and provide access to your ebooks, video classes, podcasts, etc. for a fixed fee.
    • Paid Membership: Allow people to access your network and its best features/groups only after paying a membership fee. In this way, your website internal resources will be available to paid members only.
    • Donations: If you’re just starting your teaching career and making yourself a reputation, ask people who benefit from your network to support you. Some of them will be happy to reward you for your labor.
Educational website is a good start
Create a website
  • Your website analytics can be easily monitored, so you are always aware of your visitors, members, activities, and conversions on the website.
  • Thanks to a simple interface and user-friendly customization tools, you can build an awesome website and experiment with its design without writing a single line of a code.
  • NING offers you the tools required to create more than just a website. You can build your custom social network and bring people together around the matters of education, teaching, and learning.
  • Finally, NING provides teachers with everything they need for the effective and productive work:
  • Create multiple member groups with different privacy settings and access levels;
  • Start an education blog;
  • Share relevant articles, ebooks, copywork, etc. for free or on paid basis;
  • Upload video classes and podcasts; integrate your network with YouTube or Vimeo;
  • Post photos and other images;
  • Set up a forum and initiate discussions with your students;
  • Communicate with students via private or group messages and comments;
  • Offer private lessons and one-on-one consultations through a live chat;
  • Encourage your students to be active with a competitive Member Ranking System;
  • Promote your network by integrating it with popular social media and more!
It’s time to apply your teaching skills and start making money! Create a website on NING and explore new opportunities to become a successful and independent educator online.
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