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analytics as a weapon for your community

Analytics as a Secret Weapon of Your Community

Social media marketers are always looking at the best ways to get ahead with the most powerful marketing techniques. When marketers used to think about social media marketing in previous times, they had a thought about using only social networks for the same. The major focus is on the creation of appealing content to get in the reach of the right people who are able to enhance your company’s social presence. Social advertising is indeed the best way to reach towards the target audience to give them a message about your work.

Getting equipped with the right tools to constantly build a community of followers is the priority for the work of social marketers. Some of those people will become lead customers of your company in the upcoming time and it will be the power of your social techniques and content for marketing.

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measurable social media goals

Social Media Goals Every Business should Measure

We’ve seen social media growing from a simple way of keeping in touch with people towards the important weapons in the marketing stream to achieve social goals. It is foreseeable to use social media goals examples to look for the competitors and achieving your best to set up the desirable social media goals and objectives for your team. You need to stick to a well-devised plan to achieve success in social media world.

As a marketing expert, I’d like to share the practically implemented social media goals for helping the team for attaining the best things. Social media goals for business are measurable and you can begin in the most appropriate way to build up strong and workable strategies.

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4th of July discounts from Ning

Celebrate Independence Day with our 4th of July Special Offer!

In honor of the Independence Day, we decided to launch a 4th of July Program with the special conditions for using Ning platform.

At Ning, we are ready to set off fireworks, and celebrate 4th of July in the grand manner! To share the joy of this occasion with you, we decided to launch our 4th of July Sale, which provides all new users with a discount for using Ning platform. This offer will allow our new friends to get an edge in creating and managing their own online communities.
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Social community building tips

How to Build a Social Community: 11 Useful Tips

Whether you are a nonprofit or a large company, everyone wants a big social community. If people are talking about what you do, your message expands. New customers find you and your content becomes more popular. Your profits go up, or you have a bigger fanbase.

This is especially true today with social media. If people are hitting that share button, it’s even better than advertising! Here are 11 different tips that will tell you how to create a community and get people talking about you.

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