building a community

Natalie Lesyk

How to create education community website

Do you feel like you want to create a professional learning community? Ning features give you opportunities to create education community website for school, university or for your private lessons. Read this guide to know how to create educational website in no time.

Define the needs of your audience

How to create an educational website that will bring the real value to your online learners? The most important thing is to know your target audience and their needs.

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How to Build a Social Community: 11 Useful Tips

Whether you are a nonprofit or a large company, everyone wants a big social community. If people are talking about what you do, your message expands. New customers find you and your content becomes more popular. Your profits go up, or you have a bigger fanbase.

This is especially true today with social media. If people are hitting that share button, it’s even better than advertising! Here are 11 different tips that will tell you how to create a community and get people talking about you.

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