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Maria Novak
Great Tips On How to Use Different Landing Page Builders
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The first in our series of guidelines on community creation, management and SEO points dealt with the most general landing page types.

The series continues with the guideline on how to create an efficient landing page using tools offered by different platforms. Today we’re bringing you the guideline on making an awesome landing page with little effort.

Tips on how to build a landing page

First, you must ask a basic question: Do you really need a landing page for your project? After asking the question, you must determine the goal of your landing page, your audience, and the paths for your prospects to get to your new landing page. And from the landing page, all roads must lead to Rome, i.e. to a desirable action.

If the answer to the question of whether you need a landing page is yes, then you can google for landing page builders or landing page templates. There’s a wide choice of free and paid online services that can help create a landing page. If you’re short on cash, you can use free WordPress Themes, CSS Templates, Instapages, and other services.

If you want to generate lots of leads and sales, you need a killer landing page. A well-designed landing page filled with interesting content that is highly relevant to your audience will increase your chance of success. Thus, you’ll need a breathtaking design and content that can produce a “Wow!” effect on your users. We’ll consider these elements a bit later.

Audience matters

You can build a landing page for a new lead or create one for an existing customer, but in any case the ultimate objective is to capture your lead’s interest in your offer and to continue nurturing them.

Landing pages must be targeted at particular audiences, giving unique offers that are especially interesting for these specific audiences. Landing pages with such precise targeted offers help marketers get to prospective leads more efficiently. In order to win the hearts of many leads, be direct and explicit as to the value your visitors will get.

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Content for landing pages

Let’s speak about the content for your landing page. The text should be concise and written in simple words. It should be understandable for all users and avoid negative connotations.

If you know your audience well, you can use refined and ingratiating phrases to attract their attention and to ignite their interest in an offer. Explain the benefit of the offer well.

Above all, the content must be enticing and useful for your readers. Think mainly in terms of benefits for your customers (What good can you or your product do for them?).

Landing page design

As for the landing page design, it should produce a good impression on visitors. The page must captivate them at first sight. The design mustn’t be cluttered with too many elements, as they can distract visitors from the main action. You can call it minimalistic, to an extent. Like your content, it must be simple, clean, and airy, visually pleasing and appealing to end users.

Any landing page consists of three obligatory elements:

  • Value proposition
  • Call to action
  • Visual media

You can design a unique landing page around these basic elements. The original design of your site can differ from the design of your landing pages.

Structure of LP

Let’s consider the requirements of a landing page’s structure. Keep the structure simple. Don’t overload it with weighty elements or extra sections. All the elements – headers, subheaders, buttons, and images – must be effective and efficient, conform to the common style, and deliver a consistent message across the page.

  • TIP 1: It’s great if you’re able to place important details in one hero shot; if you need more space, make your visitors scroll further with the help of tantalizing content.
  • TIP 2: If possible, create several click-through options for different types of visitors (e.g. for those who need additional information); one CTA is not enough. Keep in mind that all the options must lead to your funnel.

However, some experts say that all elements of a landing page except the CTA must be unclickable. In order to find out what works best for you, employ testing techniques (if you’re not a SEO guru like Neil Patel, test and experiment a lot!).

  • TIP 3: It’s advisable to make your landing page mobile friendly. The ability to view your offer across devices enhances the chances of a successful conversion.
  • TIP 4: Do your best to make your landing page as fast as possible, as download speed affects bounce rates enormously.

Here’s a checklist for creating a landing page:

  1. Select a landing page template
  2. Give a Name to a Page
  3. Add content
  4. Add images
  5. Select a URL
  6. Comply with SEO requirements
  7. Publish

LP creation checklist / Read on Ning blog

One more tip on marketing: you may create several landing pages (with varying design and content) and test them to find out which performs best. This will help you know your target market better and eventually increase your productivity.

Technical aspects while building a landing page

While building a landing page with the help of templates is easy, there’s a hardcore way for those who have enough expertise in coding: making a landing page with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Here’s a brief reminder – HTML is a markup language that defines how webpages look (structure) and what they include (content).

If you’re new to coding, the above mentioned methods are time consuming. However, if you’re determined enough to find out how to code webpages – at least simple landing pages for your project – you can discover numerous online resources and spend some time learning popular web technologies like HTML.

Nevertheless, some services (e.g. LeadPages) regularly release ready-made HTML templates for landing pages that can be downloaded for a token fee, which simplifies your life as a landing page creator.

How to make your landing page effective

Your landing page tells several important things to visitors. If the page is good enough, they will be able to determine:

  • What is being offered to them
  • The benefits they get from the offer
  • The offer’s urgency/ necessity
  • A simple way to get the offer

If these requirements are observed, you can start driving traffic to your page, which can be done by:

  • Posting a link on social networks
  • Adding a link to blog posts
  • Sending a link to your subscribers
  • Creating advertising campaigns

Ready-made landing pages can scale up your online presence massively if they are used correctly. If you want to break stereotypes and customize your landing page, you’ll need to hire professionals. It’s great if you’re able to code, design, and write; if not, you’ll have to hire some specialists. In subsequent articles, we’ll share insider information on how to hire top-rank freelancers for your website.

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