Marco Mijatovic
Marco Mijatovic
How to Keep Your Brand Creation Process on Point
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There has never been a better climate in history for starting a new business. Unfortunately, this has led to lots of bland companies that all look alike popping up at every corner – it looks like everybody wants to be an entrepreneur these days. This is precisely why creating a recognizable brand with a unique brand message has become vital for success in the modern business world.

You need to compete with many similar businesses for the attention of your target audience, which is why getting your branding right from the very start is so important. A business that can build a great brand will be able to quickly rise from the crowd and become memorable, but this is no small feat.  

In fact, creating a brand is a long and complex process, which is why you’ll need to keep the following things in mind if you want succeed.

Market research should be your basis

The first crucial step for branding is to research your market and your consumers. All of your other efforts depend on this and help you get a better perspective on how to brand your business. A lot of companies look to find insights based on research done by someone else, but this can’t give you the right conclusions.

On the other hand, other companies seem to think that it’s simply too time- and resource-consuming to do this, but without it you won’t have a clear branding strategy. Luckily, there are online methods you can use to learn about customer preferences, interests, and their habits.

Learn about the biggest players in the market, what businesses are bringing to the market, what are the possible opportunities within your market, what can be an obstacle to your business and so on. Learn who your potential customers are, what they expect from a brand like yours and what they think of established brands.

Competitive research for additional inspiration

Similarly to doing research on the market you should also learn about your competition and what kind of brands they’ve created. See how they present themselves on the market and how customers perceive them. Additionally, make sure to learn where they are standing, what makes them unique, why they are popular, what products and services they offer and so on.

Building a brand that is similar to an already established brand is a bad business move and it will be very difficult to brand yourself this way. However, your competition can teach you valuable lessons and help you avoid the mistakes they’ve made.

With this research, you will learn what kind of brand is missing on that market and how you can be unique while offering things that nobody yet has. Once you’ve chosen a market, you need to see where your brand can fit in and what story it needs to have.

Find your brand’s unique aspects

Once you’ve researched your market, consumers and your competition the only thing you need to do is to compare your brand to other brands within that market. This is how you will be able to find the things that make you unique and start from there.

Still, it’s not only about having unique traits, they need to be relevant to that market and to those customers you are looking to sell your brand to. No matter how small your unique aspects might be at first, recognizing them is vital and from there you need to build on them.

Look at your products, prices, visuals, and most importantly understand your USP (unique selling proposition). If you USP is not clear and understandable, you will never be able to stand out and have consistent profits.

Create your logo

Probably the most important visual element of any brand is the logo. Your logo will be everywhere and it needs to be memorable. A logo also needs to tell the story about a brand in a quick instance and grab people’s attention. The first essential you need to understand is that your logo should be simple.

People won’t be able to memorize it and recognize it again when they see it, if it has too many elements. A good logo is simple and appealing while making a clear point. Also make sure that while being initially simple, your logo should have a backstory to it and it should inspire people, allowing them to come up with their own story about it.  

One of the most important tips for a good logo design is to make it flexible. Like we mentioned before, your logo will be everywhere, on your ads, videos, images, promo materials and so on. It is essential that your logo can be used on all of those and look good no matter where you put it.

When looking for a logo designer make sure that they want to learn about your business and that you tell them everything about your brand.

Your site is your base

Your website is your main headquarters online. This means that it needs to be consistent with all of our branding efforts and effectively conveys your brand values when someone visits your site. Building a branded site consists of several things.

First of all, you need to make sure that the design of your site is consistent with your brand. This includes colors, fonts, sliders, images, bars and basically anything that someone can find on your site. The other important aspect of your site’s branding is that it tells your story, goals and your values.

All of the content that you include on your site and the information you give to visitors need to be consistent with your brand. Include your unique value proposition on your website and make it visible, and make sure that your logo is also displayed clearly.

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Keep all marketing channels consistent with your brand

Consistency is vital for a good branding strategy and companies usually experience problems with it when they perform multi-channel marketing. Different platforms and different methods can easily make you lose track of your brand and seem to contradict the image you are trying to convey.

Make sure that the design and the message of your brand always align, regardless of whether we are talking about your website, social media, blog posts, or when talking to customers directly and trying to make sales. When you have consistency, your brand will grow much quicker and it will have a clear personality.


Make sure that follow these steps and the process of creating your own brand will be much more consistent. Remember that this is very serious business because it’s almost impossible to succeed without proper branding.

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