Natalie Lesyk

How to create education community website

Do you feel like you want to create a professional learning community? Ning features give you opportunities to create education community website for school, university or for your private lessons. Read this guide to know how to create educational website in no time.

Define the needs of your audience

How to create an educational website that will bring the real value to your online learners? The most important thing is to know your target audience and their needs.

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Allison Leahy

Decorating Your Online Community for the Holidays

If you run an online community, what are you doing to mark the season? The last candle of the Menorah will be lit on Saturday, and many are eagerly awaiting a visit from St. Nick. Historically, there is a sharp downturn in web traffic for non-ecommerce websites around Christmas time.

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Richard Millington + Ning Webinar: How to Increase Activity in Your Community

Why you should attend Tuesday, November 27th

  • Richard approaches community management from the point of view of social science. He focuses on data that shows what actually works — not anecdotes and hunches.
  • Richard is giving away an excerpt of the e-book version of Buzzing Communities to all attendees. It’s 50% of his book in handy PDF format.
  • Ning is giving away 5-10 free copies of the hardcover version of the book. If you ask a question that gets picked by the chat moderator in the Q&A, we’ll send you a book.

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