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In our digital era, reaching out to the public is easier than ever before with the internet. By creating a political website, you get an opportunity to state your political views, connect with fellow-thinkers, and raise funds for candidate campaigns. NING is here to help you build the online presence from the ground up and leverage the power of the internet for your political undertakings.

The Ultimate Website Building Solution

Detailed Customization
Build a stunning website using beautiful design templates and simple customization tools.
Abundance of Useful Features
Enhance your website functionality with amazing content sharing and networking features.
Total Security
Safe connection through the HTTPS protocol, full control over personal data, and adjustable privacy settings.
Simplified Content Management
Create any number of pages or delete them anytime. Managing website content requires no tech skills at all.
Varied Monetization Options
Monetize your website using three available methods: Paid Access, Paid Membership, and Donations.
24/7 Support
Any problems you might encounter will be efficiently resolved by our professional and friendly support team.
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Reach Your Supporters Online and Acquire Publicity

Make a social website your ultimate political outpost on the web

Get visibility
No matter whether you are a candidate or just a concerned citizen attempting to draw the public eye to a pressing issue, your visibility on the internet determines how successful your outreach efforts will turn out to be. Creating a political website on NING, you can be sure it will be seen on major search engines.
Raise funds
Procuring extra funds for your candidate campaign can bring you closer to success. Your NING website can help you raise money through Donations and other means of monetization. Let your supporters contribute to your cause with just a couple of clicks!
Stay social
Politics is all about connections. With a NING social website, you can make new connections every day! Gather your supporters, volunteers, and sponsors under one roof online and keep in touch with them using private or group messages, broadcast messages, and live chat.
Create a website
Ready to Accomplish Your Political Goals?
Start with creating a social website on NING
Information and communication are two pillars of a successful political campaign. And what can deliver information and encourage communication better than a professional political website?
NING is a perfect website builder for all who deals with politics or simply takes interest in it.
Thanks to NING’s simple yet functional interface, users with any level of technical skills can create:
  • A candidate website;
  • Political campaign website;
  • Political party website;
  • Political community;
  • Political commentary website, etc.
Why create a political website anyway? It depends on your goals. If you are a political candidate, your website will let people know more about you as a person and your political agenda, allow volunteers and sponsors to contact you, and even enable voters to donate money for your campaign.
If you are not a politician but are interested in politics and want to discuss it with the like-minded, create an online political community where members will share opinions, talk about relevant political events, or consolidate for achieving a common goal or influencing local political forces.
Political website is a good start
Create a website
  • A wide variety of design templates and customization tools open unlimited opportunities for your creative vision to unfold. Besides, your NING website can be equipped with numerous features for convenient content sharing and social networking:
  • Blog and Articles:
    hare your own or expert insights, political news, and other engaging politics-related content;
  • Forum:
    start discussions on relevant political topics and share your thoughts about candidates or latest events with your network members;
  • Polls:
    ask opinions and run surveys to plan your political campaign more effectively;
  • Events:
    schedule meetups and conferences, announce volunteer opportunities and invite your supporters to join important events.
  • Photo, Video, and Audio:
    share interesting content with your audience to keep them engaged.
  • Multiple communication options:
    get in touch with your supporters, sponsors, and volunteers by means of private or group messages and live chat.
  • Social integration:
    expand your outreach by enabling network members to share your website content on popular social media.
  • With so many online opportunities at hand, achieving success with your political goals is easier than you could ever think. But most importantly, NING offers you a chance to raise funds for any purpose you have in mind. Three monetization options are there at your disposal:
  • Paid Access:
    sell any kind of content on your website;
  • Paid Membership:
    charge a membership fee for accessing your website;
  • Donations:
    collect voluntary donations for your political campaign.
Create a political website on NING to promote yourself as a candidate, reach out to supporters, and fund your campaigns. Growing your influence and reputation online is now easier than ever before!
Create a website

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