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Healthcare and lifestyles are the topics that attract lots of attention nowadays. With an easy access to the internet, people realize they can know more about healthier living and improve the quality of life. The habit of visiting physicians or other medical experts is steadily being replaced by going online and checking out a popular wellness blog or the latest health news. The number of healthy food sites, fitness blogs, and online weight loss programs is over-the top these days. Not to mention the trend of having a personal coach or a dietologist on the web.

Information is very important when it comes to healthcare, but finding a source of valid information on the internet is the real problem. The web space is flooded with sites dedicated to health and wellness. But most of them come from unreliable sources and meet only average quality standards at best. Good health websites are few and far between. That’s why they are in high demand, attracting countless subscribers and converting visitors into loyal customers.

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For the reasons explained above, creating a health website can be really profitable if the content it is filled with is unique, useful, and credible. If you consider yourself an expert in healthcare, fitness, dietology, or other health topics, or you have an access to competent specialists who would like to practice online, you should start a health portal of your own. But how to do it if you know nothing about coding, programming, or web design? The answer is right in front of you.

Build a health website from scratch

The easiest and quickest way to create a health website and jump right into content development or providing useful services to your clients is applying a website building platform like Ning. It allows you to start your own social network, customize its design, build your own online community, and share interesting content with its members. Isn’t that a great start to a new hobby or profitable business?

With the abundance of useful features and customization options, Ning makes for a perfect health website builder providing you with everything needed to:

  • Establish online presence;
  • Design your own health website that would correspond to your vision;
  • Build your target audience;
  • Publish engaging content in all possible forms;
  • Communicate and cooperate with your network members;
  • Establish stable clientele and valuable connections;
  • Make money from premium content and accept donations;
  • Promote your website on the internet.

The scope of opportunities is limitless if you know how to apply your skills and knowledge in the fields of healthcare and wellness. Last but not least, Ning is suitable both for individual users (like personal coaches, diet experts, fitness specialists, etc.) and health organizations. Considering this, you will have multiple options to claim your place on the world wide web.

Create a health blog

Blogging has helped many internet enthusiasts to become true celebrities. Who said you can’t be the next one in your niche? Research the market and decide what you are going to specialize at. You can then cover the topic you have chosen. Write articles about health, healthy lifestyles, natural foods, physical exercises - it can be anything that strikes your fancy.

Today, web resources like food blogs, healthy cooking blogs, diet blogs, health tips blogs and so on are hugely popular. If you possess any valuable knowledge in these or other similar topics and want to share it, creating your own blog will be an ideal solution. Ning can provide all the tools required to design a health blog that would look and feel professional, being simple and responsive to usage.

Not only will you have a multitude of content managing options, but also a set of instruments to customize the design of your new blog. Beginner bloggers will benefit from features like:

  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop interface to craft your website and tweak its design;
  • Extensive range of functional features to optimize the performance of your health blog;
  • Activity feed to let your readers know about the latest updates and newest blog posts;
  • Possibility to integrate your blog with popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to expose your blog posts to wider audience;
  • Ability to accompany textual content with photos, video and audio materials;
  • Simple but effective SEO tools to get more visibility on the internet;
  • A chance to be listed in the search results of major search engines.

Make a health forum

In addition to blogging, Ning allows for creating forums where you and your network members can discuss relevant issues, answer each other’s questions, and cooperatively find solutions to various problems. A forum on a healthy living site will encourage communication and enable users on your network to find necessary information without your help.

Additionally, Ning supports other communication options, including chats, broadcast messaging, and email automation (integration with MailChimp).

Create a health hub

The web space is full of health care plan sites, health management sites, lifestyle coaching sites and so on. But your website can be more than just that! Ning allows you to grow an extensive online community specializing in healthcare and wellness.

  • Divide your network members into multiple groups and manage them the way you like. You can have groups specializing in healthy nutrition, fitness, yoga, etc., with dedicated experts, coaches, and trainers.
  • Post diversified content for different member groups of your social network to cover more niches.
  • Engage more members and visitors with creative online events, spot-on polls, discussions, and forums.
  • Interested in professional health website templates to make your network look stunning? Ning offers a catalog of design themes that can be further customized in order to make your network stand out.
  • Integrate your health website with social media profiles to reach a bigger audience.

Utilizing the features provided by Ning, you can create a real health hub where you will manage the network of specialists and provide consulting or other services to clients.

Monetize your health website

When your website generates enough traffic and you feel confident enough to offer premium content to your target audience, it is time to think about monetization. With Ning, you can apply for different options, including Paid Membership, Paid Access, and Donations. Want to make money from ads? No problem, you can do it with Google AdSense integration feature.

Health is happiness. Creating a health website, you can make many people happier and earn money at the same time. Perfect combination, isn’t it? For your site building needs, consider Ning as an ultimate platform for making personalized social networks.

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